We Have Lift-Off!

I have been working hard getting my computer switched over from Windows 2000 Server Edition (don’t ask – DO NOT ASK) over to a more reasonable version of one of the many, fun, easy to use, perfectly operating and easy to understand, perfectly logical always working right microcrap (oops, did I say that?) products. Okay, so it is just Windows XP Home Edition.

It was shaky there for a while. For some reason XP didn’t want to play nice with my ethernet connection. But even though posting this is proof that all is somewhat well, I have a photo to show you all that I have been working hard all day

I am far from finished. Still running the two different operating systems and still have a lot of software to load.

E-mail works, I have my browser working, my bookmarks working, my address book and the groups came over just fine.

But I realize that I would be having a nervous breakdown if I didn’t have that background in computers. I wonder what regular non-geeky people do?

Knitting content: I managed to start my Charlotte’s web shawl but my back is too spazzy to go downstairs and take a pic and then slog back upstairs to load it. Get this – when I was going up the stairs today, all happy that I had figured out my internet issues, I coughed and put my back out. Coughing can be dangerous.

I will get an adjustment with my chiro but so far it isn’t too bad. Just need to ice it down in a few minutes and spend the rest of the evening kicking back. Tomorrow I will be back at the computer schtuff, and hopefully I will have a pic ready too.


5 thoughts on “We Have Lift-Off!

  1. Us geeky people who are not computer litarate marry younger men who are. We also beg other bloggers with blogs that look like ours for help. I’m okay as long as Jeff never wants to leave me. If he tries I’ll be forced to lock him in the basement in case of computer error

  2. For those of us who aren’t geeky enough, we hire geeks. I found the greatest guy recently. I’m recommending him to everyone I meet.

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