Socks and Life

I have one and a half sock done. Here’s a pic of the finished sock

I followed the pattern, "Dream Socks" by Priscilla A. Gibson-Roberts and had a lot of trouble with the short rows. I have done short rows before, but not like this. Now that I am on the second sock, I am really wondering why I had so much trouble before. It is all so clear to me now.

Life seems to be like that – we struggle on something, sometimes many times over and over, or for a long time with that one thing. Then there is a breakthrough and our reality is changed so dramatically that we cannot understand how we couldn’t have seen "it" all along.

I have a lot of information inside of me that I know will help other people, but one of the most important things that I have learned is that what I have and what I know doesn’t matter much. Not because it is meaningless, but because it is mine. The people that can benefit from what I know have to be in the right place and the right time and ready to allow in what I have to say before it will make any sense to them.

It is like those sock instructions – they didn’t change while I was knitting them, but until I figured out what I was doing wrong (or how I was right but didn’t know it) then I wasn’t ready to see that everything was okay. I had to have the "bad" experience and see my way through. I had to make the mistake over and over. And now I won’t make that same mistake anymore. Okay, perhaps I will make a similar mistake but I know that I will not make a mistake on this particular sock pattern ever again.

Knitting is like a puzzle. So is life. Perhaps that is why I love knitting so much. I can get results – figure it out – and have something to show for all my troubles. I can feel pride in my accomplishment, and hopefully other people will understand why I am so happy.

Now I just need to be okay with experiencing troubles in my life and not let myself get all judgmental about having made a mistake in the first place. It would also be cool if I can allow other people to have and own their mistakes without judging them or myself (for not being able to help sometimes).

Here is something else that I have been experiencing. Perfect joy and contentment with the project that I am making, but a yearning to work on something else too. What? Perhaps I just want more and more and more Joy. Wish I had more arms and hands. I certainly have enough needles and yarns to be a knitting octopus.

Okay, so back to knitting now.


One thought on “Socks and Life

  1. I’m just loving your observations – and the cool socks. My counselor kind of shocked me into realizing that I expect my life to be without troubles if I do things right and that’s just CRAZY thinking. I will always have troubles. I agree with you, it’s about not getting all judgmental about it.

    I had coffee last week with a younger friend who had just had her very first break-up (okay not that young, she’s kind of unusual). She had worked herself up into a major mental breakdown when what she needed to do was break up. It was so clear and the most helpful thing I could say (she agreed) was to stop putting all this judgment on herself for just normal life developments.

    You know what… there are just not enough hugs in the world. Hugs to you this day after valentines.

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