Fiber Excess

Oh boy, did I purchase a lot of yarn on Saturday. It was good though, because it was all on sale – and as good as that is, it was even better because I got another 20% discount on top of the sale price, as well as a not quite legal punch on my purchases card.

More details. A somewhat local yarnstore, Needlework Unlimited was having a huge sale on all sock yarn, Rowan yarns, etc. I missed the 1st email, which also offered a $20 punch on your card (the one you fill up to get a 20% discount, usually they don’t punch on sale purchases). For some reason, I missed that part of the email that said that if you bring in a print of that email, that was how you got the punch. I did, however, print out the 2nd email of the sale, that told us all that more items were being added – to the sale. The reason I printed that one out was in case the folks at the MN AK bunch hadn’t seen it.

They almost all had. But I kept the email because I had some notes on it. Yardage for projects, etc. So after the MN AK meeting (fun!) a bunch of us met at the store. I headed for the sock yarn (which I really don’t need because I just dropped a bunch of $ on an online order) – but remember this is a good sale. Picked up these sock yarns:


Then because they are closing out of their Paton’s Classic Wool I bought some for another Market Squares Bag:

That was pretty much all they had in the way of any colors left. I think it will work out just fine.

I also picked up this bunch of Rowan yarn.

I am thinking the Felted Tweed would make a nice Clapotis, and the Wool Cotton was just because. Notice how nice they look together? I love this color, and it looks very nice on me.

So when I checked out the person behind the counter saw my email and thought it was the one saying I get a $20 punch. But because I am honest I said that it wasn’t. But because I was honest I got it anyway – cool!

Back to socks! I finished the pair of socks for Linda, and started on a set for me:

I want to see if I like wearing these done with the short row heel and toe. I should, seeing that all my commercially made socks have this type of heel and toe. After I get done with the set I will be making a pair (muted colors) for my husband.

Gotta go bead and knit now.


2 thoughts on “Fiber Excess

  1. What a lovely stash from the yarn store. Looks like some great projects to be made. I love the sock yarns. I made a pair of socks with the blue yarn you purchased. I will be interested to hear how the short row heel wears for you. I have made a pair or two with that heel. They were gifts for other people. I just printed of the Dream Sock Pattern…I may give it a go on the next pair.

  2. Those are some seriously beautiful socks. I didn’t realize you knew how to felt. Can you show Rachel how to do it? I bought her a felt hat kit some years ago and we found it again. It looks like a lot of work – though pretty. We would probably benefit from tips from an expert.

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