I’m in Love

I have fallen in love with my shipment of yarn from KnitPicks. It arrived yesterday and I held off opening up the package until I had put away the groceries. Anticipation.

Here is a pic of my KnitPicks

Left to right: Simple Stripes – Vineyard & Storm, Sock Garden – Pansy, Star Gazer Lily, Morning Glory, Hydrangea. Across the top Shimmer – Morning Mist.

Ahhhhhhhh. All of the yarn is so soft! The colors are fab and the price – you just can’t beat it. Run, run and buy some now! Just so you aren’t mislead – I purchased several skeins of all of these. You need 2 of each of the sock yarns to make a pair of socks (more for larger sizes). The Shimmer I bought 3 just because it was so cheap.

I can hardly wait to start knitting up some of these beauties. Mostly socks, of course, but some of the Sock Garden might be used for baby stuff – hats and booties.

I am leaving now to go back to my knitting. Finishing up on my 2nd sock.


6 thoughts on “I’m in Love

  1. I love knitpicks!! I’m currently waiting on my first order from them (it’s either at the post office now, waiting to be picked up on Saturday, or it will be here very, very soon). I bought bunches of sock yarn too! same colors as you, actually (the Vineyard, Hydrangea, and Star Gazer Lily). I might have to go back and get more though – the Morning Glory just screams my mom’s name, and the Zinnia screams the name of my best friend. 😀 I’ll have to check out the SHimmer! 🙂

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