Sad Monday

My dogboy Spencer is sad. Monday’s are hard for him because he loves his poppa so much and misses him terribly on Mondays. So he is sad and needy and it is hard because he is so cute and horrible all at once. He leans up agains me and sighs, noses me to pet him and sighs, slumps away and sighs.

Later in the day he will start wanting to go out more and more frequently. When he is inside he will keep looking toward the door, and perk up with every noise. Some days he gets barky too – today we shall see.

Finally, poppa comes home, they will go out for their run and then he will pass out for the rest of the evening (Spencer, not my DH).

I am loving the yarn for the socks for said DH. Here’s a pic of the cuff in process.

sock for wtw

So far, I can’t find a repeat in the yarn. It is kind of hard to see, but it is a 3 ply in grey (light to dark), blue, bits of green, and purple. Yum. These socks will have to be fraternal – there is no way I am going to get them to match. The yarn is Stahl Socka Color color 9185 (75% wool, 25% poly). Nothing fancy for these socks though, my husband has tricky, sensitive feet and I am just hoping that they will fit him right. Oh, and that he likes them too!

4 thoughts on “Sad Monday

  1. Katy used to hate Mondays, too, only she wasn’t sad so much as cranky! My parents used to tease that they couldn’t go near her on Monday mornings–she’d just sit in her corner of the kitchen, sulking, and yes, would occasionally do a “Leave me Alone!” growl-snap if somebody came over to bother her . . . poor dear! After all that weekend fun, Mondays ARE miserable! Hope Spencer feels happier soon . . . now that it’s Monday afternoon!

  2. I have the same problem with my two. Whenever their daddy travels – about 40% of the time they go through this withdraw and wait around barking in the middle of the night sometimes. It’s terrible. DH says the same thing when I’m gone. They like both their parents home – alot.

    Love the sock yarn. I haven’t did my knitpicks order yet, but will for sure. Your socks are great.

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