Good + Bad=Life

A lot of good things, a few "bad" things — life. WT had orthoscopic surgery on his knee (bad) to fix it (good). There wasn’t the tear in the cartilage/meniscus (good) but the inflammation and problems are because of arthritis (bad). But, because the surgeon cleaned up some stuff WT might find less inflammation and relief for a few years (good good good!). WT had stabbing pain right away (bad) but it went away (good). Last night was a breeze – hardly had to have any pain reduction medication. Today is a little more rough but hardly what I thought it would be. He is doing well enough that I feel okay about leaving him alone. He can walk around, but I don’t want him to overdo – he really needs to keep that knee up and just relax. Relaxing is a good thing. I sure wish I could do it though. Every 10 minutes or so (if that) I get some sort of thing to respond to. Oh well, it is just life.

Hanging around at outpatient surgery digs was okay. It gave me a chance to knit, which is almost always good. But the lighting sucked. I also found the chairs to be very uncomfortable. For all the talk about Americans being large (and I certainly am) all waiting room chairs seem to be made for someone with an ass the size of a model-type person with no hips. I do know how to knit standing up, so I did just that. Of course I got "looks" – even more so because I am standing there doing that weird knitting thing. You don’t need to be a psychic to know when people are looking at you and thinking things. So, I told them – I am just tired of sitting down. One fella wanted to know if I was making beer can coolers. He didn’t say it in a mean way, so I cut him some slack. Turns out his daughter-in-law has caught the knitting bug and has been making scarves. I showed him the one finished sock and he really liked it – I think he is going to mention sock knitting to his daughter-in-law now *evil, maniacal laugh*

One of the other people waiting was a youngish woman, maybe about 16/18. I told her how "in" knitting is and about how a lot of people are getting together to knit. I don’t think I swayed her into anything – dang. But her boyfriend, who was there for knee surgery seemed pretty impressed. Maybe he should do knitting instead of basketball? From the looks of things it would probably be better for his health. Of course I didn’t say that, but I was sure thinking it.

I love"helping/encouraging" people to get into knitting. I just wish I could do more in the way of making it seem more hip. Talking to people about knitting with the words coming from a somewhat frumpy body doesn’t make it seem that appealing (I am just saying what is the truth). But, they believe me because I seem to be (and I am – damn it!) a comforting nice type person. So I guess I am doing my part to spread this wonderful disease/affliction/hobby/art (you pick).

Here is a pic of the beer can cooler/2nd sock that I worked on yesterday. It matched somewhat up at the very top, but as I am going I can see that these are definitely going to be fraternal twins. That is okay.

Spinning: The other day, when moving my wheel a bit to get to the dining room table a part of the flyer fell off – broken!

I think I might be able to fix it, but if I can’t I can always buy a new flyer. We shall see. After I finish typing this I will give it a go. I think it was just dropped too many times. I know for sure I dropped it once, and perhaps the previous owner dropped it too.

Shopping: There are a lot of cute little beach type bags around that are just perfect for knitting projects. I found this one:

at Target and if I remember right it was about $7. It has this attached zipper compartment that makes it easy to keep some money or scissors or whatever you want handy. Cool!

That’s all for now. Wish me good luck in the gluing.


2 thoughts on “Good + Bad=Life

  1. Such sad news about your flyer 😦 I have two cracks in the base of my brand new Majacraft. They’re sending a replacement. In the meantime, I’m trying to keep the cracks from spliting in two – yikes! I hope you can fix yours. Good luck.


  2. “I love”helping/encouraging” people to get into knitting. I just wish I could do more in the way of making it seem more hip.”
    I do think that Rachel and I would like to learn how to knit. I’d like to make her one of those small shawls that I’m seeing at the stores. She would look so cool in it and I have this great yarn that we bought because she wanted to crochet, but then didn’t.

    My friend Steve knits. We’re thinking of doing craft night on Tuesday nights so Steve can come. Brenda… I don’t know if Brenda will come again. She quit her D2 job so I don’t have any contact with her now.

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