Completed Project

I finished WT’s socks today. Just needed to kitchener the top of the toe. I could have done that last night but I was tired and didn’t want to take the chance I would mess it up.

Here they are:

I think the 2nd sock I knit was slightly larger – just enough that I would notice because he thinks they are the exact same size. Something about the way it feels in my hands. They have the same gauge, so perhaps it is just because they are made from 2 different balls of yarn? Whatever. They are good enough. I think next time I will make them a little narrower. He does have (what I think are) strange feet. Very high arches, curled toes and a wide foot ball, and the rest of the foot is pretty boney.

I am not pleased that the heel looks a little too blocky, but once they are washed, I am thinking all will be well.

I ended up using less than 100g of sock yarn, so that means a lot more socks will be made for this guy. Buying 3 – 50g balls can be pricey, 2 – 50g or 1 – 100g, not so much so. And I have A LOT of sock yarn.

But before I start on another pair I have decided to finish one of my few UFOs. A child’s sweater/sweatshirt in (eek!) acrylic. I can’t remember which nephew I started it for. When I finish it I will see who it fits. If it doesn’t fit any of the children I know then it will get donated to a charity. By the way, I do like acrylic – as long as it feels okay in my hands. Check out the "acrylics anonymous" tag on the side folks.

It feels strange to be knitting on size 6 needles after using 1s for the socks. Makes for some fast knitting though.

Tomorrow is coffee and beads/knitting day. Friday I will be hanging out with a student/friend who is in the hospital. She is a beginning knitter and I will be bringing her some yarn and projects. If all goes well she will be able to tell me the sex of the child she is having, so I can get going on some baby projects! I think some of the sock yarn I bought from would make some nice baby hat and bootie sets.

I may be back at ya later this week – who knows, perhaps with another finished project!


7 thoughts on “Completed Project

  1. The socks look fabulous! Happy beading and knitting and coffeeing. Hope all goes well with the student/friend. It must be something in the air, everyone I know is knitting for babies 🙂

  2. What a woman! What sox! They are indeed “healing” – I haven’t felt this mellow since the surgery. I am one of the luckiest men on the face of the Earth to have Susan as my wife.

  3. I LOVE the socks. They are beautiful. Hope WT is feeling better and getting around okay. Will we be seeing you this weekend?

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