Yesterday was Grand

Yesterday was a Grand day. I went to Grand Avenue, where the Bermuda Triangle (trapezoid, whatever) exits. For me, that is Bound To Be Read – a wonderful bookstore with all kinds of gifty items (they need more knitting magazines though). Another part of the triangle is Bead Monkey. I didn’t buy anything there but the looking sure was nice. The other part of the triangle is the Yannery. Again, good looking was had – but no purchases. It could be that there were just too many people in that place, which is not really meant to have a lot of people milling about. Within the triangle is a place that draws me to it over and over and over – Cafe Latte. The home of all cooking that I call "ladies" : good coffee, great salads (both tossed and exotic), sandwiches, spreads/pates (to die for!) on fab bread, soups and chilis and the most excellent desserts. I usually just look at the desserts – really. There are also other great shops within and just outside of the triangle – Aveda, Garden of Eden and others.

I met a new friend for lunch, some walking around and shopping (the just looking kind and the actually buying kind). It was an excellent Grand day.

I had told this new friend, one that I hadn’t met in person until yesterday, that I would be carrying a red bag with my knitting in it. So before I left to meet her I loaded up one ball of Felted Tweed in the mauvy color I shared some time back. Also, a copy of Clapotis. (Do I even need to link it? You know where it is, right?) I didn’t get to knitting until I got home, but just reading the pattern while waiting for my lunch date made me swoop on it right away when I got home.

This is what I have done so far:

I am really liking it. The yarn is soft and the bits of black, white and blue make it interesting to knit. Nice Zen knitting – the kind where you don’t have to think so much, but enough thinking to keep it interesting. Good conversation knitting. Good thing too, because I have just finished up (almost) the kid’s sweater. Here it is:

Nice sweater, very bad pic. I still need to kitchener up the underarms and tuck in a few ends. It is the Cottage Knits Wonderful Wallaby pattern. It had directions for a hood, but I decided against it. I am hoping it will fit one of my grandnephews. It can be too big, but if it is too small it will go to the Dulaan Project.

Today is coffee and beading/knitting day! It will be more Clapotis for me. Finishing work is best done alone.


4 thoughts on “Yesterday was Grand

  1. Wow! Clapotis is going fast!! I’m close to succumbing to the peer pressure myself – everyone ELSE has a Clapotis, I want one….

    I agree with you on Yarnery – it’s very annoying to go in there and find it so crowded these days.

  2. Yeah, where did all these knitters come from??? Seniority should count for something when shopping at the yarn stores!

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