Cat Bed – still in process

Well, I didn’t finish the cat bed as I thought I would. Man, there is a lot of knitting involved in this thing. It gets up to 266 stitches for this particular pattern/size, and even though I am using 2 yarns held together to make a bulky weight, it is still slow going. Part of it is that I am constantly having to stop and skwoosh the yarn along, and then knit a bit, stop and skwoosh.

Here is what I have so far:

cat bed in process

Of course, I opted for a cheaper yarn than what the pattern called for, so I could save money. I must have been high on drugs to think the Outback Wool was bulky enough. To make it work I had to marry it with other yarn (from my stash, but still) So, I have what I consider to be some serious money invested in this monster. And to think it is "just" a cat! hehe. But this one probably isn’t as chic as the ones that Wendy does (with the fluffy yarn parts), but my Guinevere seems to only want to snuggle my plainer things. Isn’t that weird?

The top is the mobius band, done in a varigated Plymouth Outback Wool (100% virgin wool, 370 yards/200 gram) and some leftover woolpack I had in purple. The bottom of the bed is in the Outback Wool with some Cascade 220 I had that I thought looked nice with it.

I sure hope it felts up nice. I did do a sample with the varigated and the woolpack and it looked very nice. I just want it to be a lot smaller than it is right now pre-felting. It is huge! I am also wondering about what I will do if Guinevere doesn’t like it? After all this work I and money I think I will be tempted to staple her into it. But I am waaaaay ahead of myself here. I don’t even want to guess how long it will take me to finish it.

Enough chatting here with you. Gotta get back to work on this project.


Stitch ‘n’ Bitch

But really, not a lot of bitching was done or heard last night. I met with Carol (astrologer, beader, knitter and spinner now too!) Chaachi (new knitter and great sister) and friend & student Karen (Renaissance woman: writer, editor, seamstress, knitter) came too. We met another SnB person who sits at this particular Dunns Bro. coffee spot each Thursday evening, waiting and knitting while her daughter takes her violin lessons around the corner. Sorry, can’t remember her name ~ I know it was a "K" sound, so I will just call her K.

Anyway…. it is just so nice to hang out and see other people’s projects. Chaachi is really progressing with her first scarf using some super soft chenille yarn that is very suede-like. Karen was working on sock to be felted later. She is making one, and gifting it to someone with needles and yarn and instructions on how to knit and felt the second one. Cool, huh?

Carol was working with some angel-soft hand-dyed mohair. I was working on the mobius strip topped cat bed. K was working on a cool light apple green cotton sock. I think there may have been beads in the cuff too.

Do you have a knitting group of your own? If you don’t and would like to hook up with other knitters you may want to check out the Stitch ‘n’ Bitch groups around the globe, or the search for knitting or spinning on the website.

I am knitting the applied i-cord on the mobius strip, next will be picking up 200 stitches around the strip and then knitting that plain to make the bowl portion of the cat bed. It is going really fast. If all goes as planned I should be done with it this weekend. Guinevere is working on her nesting activities a lot lately, so I a sure she will be overjoyed to have it finally completed.

Sorry, no pics today. I will post some progress on the cat bed later.



My "old" camera is dead. Less than a year old, what a shame. I picked out a new digital, a Fujifilm FinePix A340. It has more megapixels. So far it seems to be easy to work with. Some of the features are better than the Kodak EasyShare 4330DX. For one thing, the lens cap is attached and just slides over, vs. one that was attached by a string and was always falling off.

So, as I promised – better pics of the baby surprise. I haven’t figured out how to adjust the flash, so these are a bit scary looking with the brightness, but I think you will get the idea:

Baby Surprise before folding:

baby surprise

Baby Surprise after folding, sewn up and with the buttons (which you can’t see but they are cute flower shapes):

baby surprise

Unfortunately, the cute flower shaped buttons are transparent, and my sewing skills kind of suck so they show the threadiness. Also, I just grabbed white thread and I really should have dug around for pink somewhere. Oh well.

When I went shopping for buttons yesterday at JoAnn Etc. I noticed a huge amount of novelty yarn. A really huge amount — monster sized displays with a very large stock of each yarn. All the usually hairy types but then some that were new – a JoAnn Etc. brand of mohair looking stuff, and a lot of Patons yarn. Here are two that looked pretty interesting. I just bought one of each to see how it knits up into a skinny scarf (of course).

Now I am off to visit Le Joy and give her the baby sweater.



I am kind of sad, but hopeful too. Yesterday I when getting out of the car to play with Spencer at an off-leash dog park, my camera fell out of my pocket, into the ditch full of water. Damn! I am hoping that with a little sunlight and some Reiki energy I will be able to make this a Lazarus tale, but if not it is off to Target I go with my 10% off coupon.

The weird thing about this is that I was thinking of upgrading to a nicer camera – but I was going to sell this one, or trade it in. Damn. Anyway, it is back to sharing things via scanner for me.

I promised my Guinevere a cat bed, but then I realized I had better get my butt in gear to make some baby items for my friend and student Le Joy. Le Joy is in the hospital until the baby arrives, which could be any time. The longer she stays, the better for the baby though.

I decided that because she will be having a premature baby=tiny I should make something small. Having never done a baby surprise, and figuring that using sock yarn to make it would equal a premie sweater, that is what I did!

Here is a scan of part of how it looks like when it comes off the needles.

It looks like a crazy colored mottled manta ray before folding. Here it is folded into a sweater shape:

Cool, huh?! The yarn was 1 full skein and 2/3 skein Sock Garden from in the color called Star Gazer Lily, 100% merino wool, 50g/220 yds.

This yarn is seriously nice. It is soft and smooth to knit. While knitting it up it looks like it might split, but I had no problems with splitting. It didn’t even snag on my hands at all. I am hoping I have enough to do a pair of booties, or a hat. After folding it I realize that it is a bit long for a premie, so it will be more of a full-body sweater, but still pretty cute.

Today I will be off to shop for buttons (and probably a new camera). If I get the latter, I will post new pics with the buttons on.

Now I can get started on that kitty bed. I finally figured out how to do that Moebius Cast On. It is easier done than said. In the books (A Treasure of Magical Knitting 1 and 2 by Cat Bordi) she has too many pictures showing the steps of the cast on.)


So Much To Say

First of all, the announcement of my new baby

His name is Louie, after my father, Louis. Seems that nobody in my family (the ones that are making babies) have seen fit to name their offspring after my father, so I am stepping up to do that. It is kind of shocking to see such a blonde baby in the house, but I have gotten used to him now. My other wheel, an unnamed Ashford Traditional is pleased to have him around. The other one, which I call “I wish I hadn’t bought him”, who also goes by the nickname of “Oops!” was very displeased – sullen and quite frankly, rude. Enough so that I had to take Oops! apart and put him away for a long time-out.

Now that Louis is finally here I am going to be working on getting rid of this baby-weight. Louie is very portable so I am hoping that will help in the “tone-up the body plan”. So far my right hand, elbow and shoulder have been getting quite a work-out.

Just for fun, I thought I would look up the name Louis/Louie in this huge book called, The Hidden Truth of Your Name

A Complete Guide to First Names and What They Say About the Real You

And it is funny that it says this:

Louis has immense drive to do something important in his life. The only problem? He can’t decide what it is that he is going to do. Louis is terminally indecisive and really needs a push before he will take decisive action on anything. … Louis is very good in relationships, and provides masses of moral support to his partner in whatever it is that they want to do. He can then rely on his partner to give him the push — or possibly, the kick! — that he needs to get himself motivated and committed to one particular goal. Once he has this direction, the sky is the limit.

Seems appropriate for a spinning wheel. Louie is very quiet and seems eager to please. I am 10000% happy with this purchase. It kind of makes up for Oops!

More news: I finished my Clapotis this a.m. Here it is being modeled by Spencer, who was feeling very Frenchy this a.m.:

Rowan Felted Tweed, 3 full skeins and 2/3 of the 4th skein. Done on size 8 needles, as directed on the pattern. I don’t have the measurements for you because I haven’t decided whether I want to dunk it and stretch it a bit – hmmmm. I love it! I want to make another, and am thinking about ripping out my basketweave scarf and knitting up another clapotis, for winter.

It is time for me to finish this post up – I have plans on watching my newly purchased 4th season of The West Wing. But just for fun, does anybody recognize the title of this post?


Great News!

I have been busy with life and such, and knitting of course. Knitting a bit almost every day on my Clapotis. Here is a pic of what I have so far:

So, for you that care — I am on the straight section and getting ready to drop my 10th stitch – that means 3 more repeats after that, and then the decrease section.

I am really loving it. Didn’t think it looked so hot after the first couple of dropped stitches, even thought about taking it all out – so if you are knitting one and experiencing that feeling/thought — keep on going, it will look better after a while.

The great news is that I received an email today letting me know that the spinning wheel that I had ordered is finally in! This single treadle Lendrum has been on order since October/November (can’t remember). I have first dibs on it, but if I don’t like it it will go pretty fast so Detta (who is selling it to me) isn’t putting any pressure on me. I will be picking it up tomorrow. I haven’t tried a single treadle Lendrum, but have myself convinced that this is it. I don’t think I will be disappointed. At least, I hope I won’t be.

I haven’t been spinning much though, it will be interesting to see if that will become my obsession for a while. Right now I am really liking this easy type of knitting. After I finish the Clapotis I have plans on making my girl cat, Guinevere, a felted cat bed. There are also other items that I have planned, but that is the one that is next.

I want to do one of those in this book

A Second Treasury of Magical Knitting

Cool book! I also finally got Yarn Harlot’s little treasure:

At Knit's End : Meditations for Women Who Knit Too Much

It is so tiny! Just the exact right size to carry around. I have been rewarding myself every day with a bit of reading. Great stuff, very true and mostly very funny.

Other great news: I have created another knitter! Chaachi, my sister, decided she wanted to take another stab at it. She is doing really well. There is a bit of obsession about knitting already. I have to remind here when she has been at it too long — she starts getting a glazed look in her eyes. She can see when she makes mistakes, but hasn’t figured out how to correct all of them yet – some yes. Fortunately/unfortunately she has no fear of ripping back. Now I just have to convince her that sometimes fixing one stitch is all that it takes to make it better. I may have created a monster!

More later.