So Much To Say

First of all, the announcement of my new baby

His name is Louie, after my father, Louis. Seems that nobody in my family (the ones that are making babies) have seen fit to name their offspring after my father, so I am stepping up to do that. It is kind of shocking to see such a blonde baby in the house, but I have gotten used to him now. My other wheel, an unnamed Ashford Traditional is pleased to have him around. The other one, which I call “I wish I hadn’t bought him”, who also goes by the nickname of “Oops!” was very displeased – sullen and quite frankly, rude. Enough so that I had to take Oops! apart and put him away for a long time-out.

Now that Louis is finally here I am going to be working on getting rid of this baby-weight. Louie is very portable so I am hoping that will help in the “tone-up the body plan”. So far my right hand, elbow and shoulder have been getting quite a work-out.

Just for fun, I thought I would look up the name Louis/Louie in this huge book called, The Hidden Truth of Your Name

A Complete Guide to First Names and What They Say About the Real You

And it is funny that it says this:

Louis has immense drive to do something important in his life. The only problem? He can’t decide what it is that he is going to do. Louis is terminally indecisive and really needs a push before he will take decisive action on anything. … Louis is very good in relationships, and provides masses of moral support to his partner in whatever it is that they want to do. He can then rely on his partner to give him the push — or possibly, the kick! — that he needs to get himself motivated and committed to one particular goal. Once he has this direction, the sky is the limit.

Seems appropriate for a spinning wheel. Louie is very quiet and seems eager to please. I am 10000% happy with this purchase. It kind of makes up for Oops!

More news: I finished my Clapotis this a.m. Here it is being modeled by Spencer, who was feeling very Frenchy this a.m.:

Rowan Felted Tweed, 3 full skeins and 2/3 of the 4th skein. Done on size 8 needles, as directed on the pattern. I don’t have the measurements for you because I haven’t decided whether I want to dunk it and stretch it a bit – hmmmm. I love it! I want to make another, and am thinking about ripping out my basketweave scarf and knitting up another clapotis, for winter.

It is time for me to finish this post up – I have plans on watching my newly purchased 4th season of The West Wing. But just for fun, does anybody recognize the title of this post?


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