I am kind of sad, but hopeful too. Yesterday I when getting out of the car to play with Spencer at an off-leash dog park, my camera fell out of my pocket, into the ditch full of water. Damn! I am hoping that with a little sunlight and some Reiki energy I will be able to make this a Lazarus tale, but if not it is off to Target I go with my 10% off coupon.

The weird thing about this is that I was thinking of upgrading to a nicer camera – but I was going to sell this one, or trade it in. Damn. Anyway, it is back to sharing things via scanner for me.

I promised my Guinevere a cat bed, but then I realized I had better get my butt in gear to make some baby items for my friend and student Le Joy. Le Joy is in the hospital until the baby arrives, which could be any time. The longer she stays, the better for the baby though.

I decided that because she will be having a premature baby=tiny I should make something small. Having never done a baby surprise, and figuring that using sock yarn to make it would equal a premie sweater, that is what I did!

Here is a scan of part of how it looks like when it comes off the needles.

It looks like a crazy colored mottled manta ray before folding. Here it is folded into a sweater shape:

Cool, huh?! The yarn was 1 full skein and 2/3 skein Sock Garden from in the color called Star Gazer Lily, 100% merino wool, 50g/220 yds.

This yarn is seriously nice. It is soft and smooth to knit. While knitting it up it looks like it might split, but I had no problems with splitting. It didn’t even snag on my hands at all. I am hoping I have enough to do a pair of booties, or a hat. After folding it I realize that it is a bit long for a premie, so it will be more of a full-body sweater, but still pretty cute.

Today I will be off to shop for buttons (and probably a new camera). If I get the latter, I will post new pics with the buttons on.

Now I can get started on that kitty bed. I finally figured out how to do that Moebius Cast On. It is easier done than said. In the books (A Treasure of Magical Knitting 1 and 2 by Cat Bordi) she has too many pictures showing the steps of the cast on.)


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