My "old" camera is dead. Less than a year old, what a shame. I picked out a new digital, a Fujifilm FinePix A340. It has more megapixels. So far it seems to be easy to work with. Some of the features are better than the Kodak EasyShare 4330DX. For one thing, the lens cap is attached and just slides over, vs. one that was attached by a string and was always falling off.

So, as I promised – better pics of the baby surprise. I haven’t figured out how to adjust the flash, so these are a bit scary looking with the brightness, but I think you will get the idea:

Baby Surprise before folding:

baby surprise

Baby Surprise after folding, sewn up and with the buttons (which you can’t see but they are cute flower shapes):

baby surprise

Unfortunately, the cute flower shaped buttons are transparent, and my sewing skills kind of suck so they show the threadiness. Also, I just grabbed white thread and I really should have dug around for pink somewhere. Oh well.

When I went shopping for buttons yesterday at JoAnn Etc. I noticed a huge amount of novelty yarn. A really huge amount — monster sized displays with a very large stock of each yarn. All the usually hairy types but then some that were new – a JoAnn Etc. brand of mohair looking stuff, and a lot of Patons yarn. Here are two that looked pretty interesting. I just bought one of each to see how it knits up into a skinny scarf (of course).

Now I am off to visit Le Joy and give her the baby sweater.


One thought on “New!

  1. Was this easy to make, and is there a pattern for it? I’m a beginner, and have a granddaughter to make stuff for (born 2/05). Love how this looks!!

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