Stitch ‘n’ Bitch

But really, not a lot of bitching was done or heard last night. I met with Carol (astrologer, beader, knitter and spinner now too!) Chaachi (new knitter and great sister) and friend & student Karen (Renaissance woman: writer, editor, seamstress, knitter) came too. We met another SnB person who sits at this particular Dunns Bro. coffee spot each Thursday evening, waiting and knitting while her daughter takes her violin lessons around the corner. Sorry, can’t remember her name ~ I know it was a "K" sound, so I will just call her K.

Anyway…. it is just so nice to hang out and see other people’s projects. Chaachi is really progressing with her first scarf using some super soft chenille yarn that is very suede-like. Karen was working on sock to be felted later. She is making one, and gifting it to someone with needles and yarn and instructions on how to knit and felt the second one. Cool, huh?

Carol was working with some angel-soft hand-dyed mohair. I was working on the mobius strip topped cat bed. K was working on a cool light apple green cotton sock. I think there may have been beads in the cuff too.

Do you have a knitting group of your own? If you don’t and would like to hook up with other knitters you may want to check out the Stitch ‘n’ Bitch groups around the globe, or the search for knitting or spinning on the website.

I am knitting the applied i-cord on the mobius strip, next will be picking up 200 stitches around the strip and then knitting that plain to make the bowl portion of the cat bed. It is going really fast. If all goes as planned I should be done with it this weekend. Guinevere is working on her nesting activities a lot lately, so I a sure she will be overjoyed to have it finally completed.

Sorry, no pics today. I will post some progress on the cat bed later.


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