Cat Bed – still in process

Well, I didn’t finish the cat bed as I thought I would. Man, there is a lot of knitting involved in this thing. It gets up to 266 stitches for this particular pattern/size, and even though I am using 2 yarns held together to make a bulky weight, it is still slow going. Part of it is that I am constantly having to stop and skwoosh the yarn along, and then knit a bit, stop and skwoosh.

Here is what I have so far:

cat bed in process

Of course, I opted for a cheaper yarn than what the pattern called for, so I could save money. I must have been high on drugs to think the Outback Wool was bulky enough. To make it work I had to marry it with other yarn (from my stash, but still) So, I have what I consider to be some serious money invested in this monster. And to think it is "just" a cat! hehe. But this one probably isn’t as chic as the ones that Wendy does (with the fluffy yarn parts), but my Guinevere seems to only want to snuggle my plainer things. Isn’t that weird?

The top is the mobius band, done in a varigated Plymouth Outback Wool (100% virgin wool, 370 yards/200 gram) and some leftover woolpack I had in purple. The bottom of the bed is in the Outback Wool with some Cascade 220 I had that I thought looked nice with it.

I sure hope it felts up nice. I did do a sample with the varigated and the woolpack and it looked very nice. I just want it to be a lot smaller than it is right now pre-felting. It is huge! I am also wondering about what I will do if Guinevere doesn’t like it? After all this work I and money I think I will be tempted to staple her into it. But I am waaaaay ahead of myself here. I don’t even want to guess how long it will take me to finish it.

Enough chatting here with you. Gotta get back to work on this project.


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