Completed Cat Bed

I finally finished the monster sized cat bed. I seriously thought about ripping it all out when I finished, because I knew there was no way in heaven or hell this thing would felt down to a size that would suit me.

But, I went ahead and felted it anyway. Oh, before we go there, here is a pic of the pre-felted bed with Guinevere already giving it her paw of approval:

cat bed

Before felting the dimensions were: top diameter 81", the mobius band was 4 1/2" inches high, and the whole depth of the bed, including the band was 23".

WT lended a hand with the felting because he was curious to see how it all works. We did 2 cycles before running out of hot water. We threw it in the dryer to see if that would help shrink it. Then we took it upstairs to shape and decided it just wasn’t small enough, and it looked like it could use some more felting too. After waiting for our water heater to do its job, it was another long cycle and then some time back in the dryer. Here it is:

cat bed

Finished dimensions: top diameter 54", the mobius band is 3" inches high, and the whole depth of the bed, including the band is 12 1/2", but the actual depth is more like 6". I decided to forget about any shaping because the decreases made it pooch out funny anyway. Heck, it is just a cat bed. It is plenty stiff so the sides don’t fall over, but it is kind of rippled looking. Guinevere likes it though, so all is well. All is not well with Arthur… check out this look he is giving me – pure mind control telling me I have to make him a bed now too!

cat bed

For his I will either use the pattern for the large bowl (from A Second Treasury of Magical Knitting) or Wendy’s Kitty Pi / Lucy’s Cat Bed.


13 thoughts on “Completed Cat Bed

  1. I think you’re right about Arthur πŸ˜‰

    If something seems to take a long time to felt, it could be that your PH is too low. Using baking soda or a harsher detergent like one of the powdered ones raises the alkalinity of the water. Or it could just be the yarn you’re using is one that’s easy to felt.

  2. Wow, what a great project! I would like to make one eventually but it’s way down on list, especially since my cat just steals my favourite shawl to sleep on. If I were you, I’d start Arthur’s bed right away. He looks like he’s planning something if you don’t!!!

    Happy knitting!

  3. Hi Susan, Thanks for your comment over at beknitted. I was afraid someone was going to tell me that! I’ve been dropping hints for birthday/graduation presents for a wheel. We’ll see what happens!

  4. Happy white cat. Yes, I think Arthur is requesting his own. I’ll have to try one of these beds, since my cat adopted my prayer shawl and is looking perplexed since I repossessed it.

    I love your cats’ names. I used to have a black cat named Merlin. πŸ™‚ A wizard among cats, I’ll have you know.

  5. I think the bed looks adorable, and you are so right about the kitty mind control look… I used to get those all the time. I miss my kitties 😦

  6. Hi, I just started Wendy’s Kitty Pi using up aaaall those bitsNscraps of lopi I’ve been carrying around. Not sure WHY I’m bothering to KNIT it…Squeaky is just as happy to lie in a big tangle of yarn. What we humans do for our kitties…

  7. I found when felting that if I dump about a gallon of boiling water into the washer during the cycle it really felts fast. Nice job.


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