Finally, a connection

I love (not in any particular order folks) the Dave Matthews Band, knitting, spinning, my husband, family, furkids, etc. Up until now getting some of these loves connected has taken a lot of work and frankly, the puzzle pieces are just not fitting too well. It is just so great when two more pieces come together.

So okay – this is a stretch but I finally found a connection between DMB and spinning/knitting and here it is: If you click on this link, read the article (of course) and then go down to the video section you will see a link for the video, "American Baby" – please check it out. In the video you will see an older women carding fiber in the desert. Ahhhh! My life is now somewhat more complete (hee!)

I promise some pics of my new stash from the festival soon. I am still learning a lot about this camera. And finding out that I am a major camera jiggler.


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