Something to Cheer Me Up

Sometimes when I have big events and they go well, the day directly after kind of sucks. Not a big suck, but kind of tired and grey.

That is what happened today. This weekend was pretty great. Taught a class, made a good chunk of money (yeah!) had fun and laughed with good people. Today was sucky.

Good thing my Ample Knitters Secret Pal swooped in to rescue me! I picked up the mail and there wasn’t anything spectacular in it – dang, but then about 10 minutes later I noticed the postal person drove up right outside the house and I knew it meant there was something good. I kind of expected it to be the computer I helped my sister buy through Ebay, but it turned out to be a package for me!

Here is what I got from Shell in Australia:

ample knitters secret pal

A really nice knitting bag, a butterfly pin/brooch, a photo bookmark, and goodies! Not just any kind of goodies but things that I have never seen before: KitKat Cappuccino, Kraft Snack Abouts in Vegemite, some TimTams too! I devoured the KitKats immediately – yum! Now I am wondering if they sell that flavor in US?

Anyway…. as long as I am sharing, here are those pics that I promised from the Shepherd’s Harvest Wool and Sheep Festival:

shepherd's harvest wool and sheep festival

The dark brown roving with the color flecks is wool and silk. I think all of the colored bits are silk. The easter egg colored is Coopsworth, the smaller bits are wool and tencel and the autumn colored is probably just plain wool (no tag). Nothing really shocking, but interesting looking. The gadget is a fishing thing that will help me measure my yardage. I probably could have bought it cheaper at a sporting goods store, but I just had to have it right away.

I also bought 2 books. Color in Spinning – which is marvelous. I was searching for a gift for my sister Chaachi and found a book that really impressed me, First Knits by Luise Roberts & Kate Haxell. It is for beginning knitters (of course) but it has some really nice designs, good instructions with a lot of photos. There is a nice ample-sized kimono done in bulky weight yarn that I may try out. Here is a link to a photo of it. KnitPicks has two new bulky weight yarns that would make this kimono an inexpensive project. I may need to borrow the book back from my sister!

What else to share? I am working on another Clapotis, because the other one was so much fun to make – easy and relaxing. Here is a pic of my 18 Goddess Guards© in action:


That’s all for now.


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