A Wonderful Weekend

WT and I don’t go out much. It was high time we did because I couldn’t remember when was the last time. I thought we hadn’t really gone out on a "date" at all this year (!) but he seems to remember a night out with friends. Anyway, my brother Mark mentioned one of his favorite groups/bands playing at Minnesota Music Cafe and he was talking about the horn section. Sold! I love groups that have horns – love that sound. Think group Chicago, Tower of Power, the sax of DMB.

So Friday night we went out for a great dinner and then off to see this group, The High & Mighty. Great stuff, 12 people in this group! The singers were excellent, the bass player awesome.

We went a bit early, and knowing that I brought my knitting. Knitting in a dark area isn’t the best – but it sure hones my skill of knitting without looking. I thought it might have looked a bit weird (me knitting) but I gave that thought up when I saw the scary white people dancing. I think you know what I mean. At least the crowd was our age (and older, frankly). Some guy in his 80s was there – dancing up a storm with the ladies. I asked Mark about him and he said, "Yah, he likes to grab them." I guess at his age he figures "what the heck".

Saturday was another fun time. Met with my Amples Knitters friends for our monthly meeting. We met at Yarn Cafe, which I can’t say enough nice things about. Here are some photos. I warn you, if you are not in Minnesota, you might break out in tears and longing.

ample knitters meeting
As you come in, past the needles area and to the left.

ample knitters meeting
Ruth, Kerry, Renee, Velia

ample knitters meeting
Yarn! and the hint of the other room of Yarn!

ample knitters meeting
Chaachi, and Yarn! — the backside of the wall of needles

ample knitters meeting
Looking toward the coffee & food area. Notice the comfy couch.

Yarn Cafe is seriously luxurious. Big comfy seating, a fireplace, great (not stark) lighting. I wish they would let me live there.

I took other pics, but I am finding that I am a major camera jiggler. I guess my previous camera took care of some of that, this one obviously doesn’t – it warns me I am jiggling but doesn’t do anything about it. A tripod would help but dang! that doesn’t make for any casual shots, does it?

One last photo, a jiggled one of my beautiful sister Chaachi. I did some arty stuff on it to convert it to a colored pencil effect so that you wouldn’t notice how blurry it was.

my sister Chaachi

I hope you all had a terrific weekend too!


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