Back from Amana

Well, I am back from Amana. Rested and relaxed, but anxious to get on with regular stuff in my life. For those of you looking for fiber content – knitting or spinning, just wait for another day because this post doesn’t have it.

Okay, so I have a few things to say about Iowa. Both "Good" & "bad". They are mixed together because I am that kind of person. Good: Not many billboards. Bad: Not very good signage for much of anything, or last-minute notices, which make turning or signing a turn kind of a drag. Bad: What’s up with the lack of rest stops in Iowa, doesn’t anybody need to pee? Bad: Hwy 218 is all over the place, makes for a confusing time, especially on the way home…. had 218 stuck in my mind so I made some weird/bad choices. And what is up with the very sharp angle turns of the highway and abrupt beginnings and endings? They didn’t seem to be because of natural features (trees or lakes or such). Good: We only saw 2 people on cellphones the entire time. Bad: I think that was because people in Iowa don’t have friends. Sorry for anybody that feels otherwise, the Iowans (or Iowegians, as I call them) that we were around were kind of a surly lot. There were countless times that I held open the door for people, stood up to let people pass through, etc. and there was no, "thanks!". Most people didn’t even look us in the eye, smile or have any kind of acknowledgement. Weird.

Chaachi and I did have an excellent time though. We started off on time. I got sleepy somewhere along the trip, so we turned off for me to take a little nap. It turns out the place we stopped was the home of the largest frying pan.

It looks flat because it is so black, but it had a rim big enough to sit in.

We arrived at our home away from home at the Die Heimat Country Inn. A very nice bed & breakfast; we had a very nice room there. Here is a pic of the front:


Chaachi and I had an hour or so before most of the shops closed (at 5 and 6:00!) . Here are some pics:






Then we decided to get some dinner. Dinner at the Amana restaurants is a huge deal. A lot of food. A ton of food. Eating too much happens. We went to the Ox Yoke Inn. You order your entree, mine was Chicken Schnitzel and then they bring out bowls of stuff to share. Cottage cheese, a basket of white and rye bread, and broccoli salad. Then your entrees come. They aren’t huge, but then all this other stuff comes with it in bowls to share: fried potatoes, brown gravy, sauerkraut, corn. Add something to drink and you are seriously full. Dessert? Who ever has room for dessert? I did buy a bottle of rhubarb wine there, and then we picked up ice and Sprite at the Handimart.

It is nice to do this kind of eating once in a while, but for the rest of our meals we ate elsewhere.

Back to our room, to just grown and veg, drink some wine spritzers and watch seriously bad regular (non cable) television. I knitted. We went to bed early.

Saturday we had breakfast at our B&B/Inn then headed out only to find that a lot of the places didn’t open until 10:00 a.m. I walked along and took photos – Chaachi waited for a leather shop to open. So we spent a few hours shopping and then headed over to the Taste Louisiana Cajun & Zydeco Festival. Our plan was to just sit back and listen to some good music, shop around and eat.

That is exactly what we did. I got a little sunburned and we had a good relaxing time mostly people watching. Some seriously hard looking folk there. A lot of people wearing black. A good number of short, hard looking guys and young smokers.

We decided to hit the Handimart to pick up deli sandwiches and chips, then back to the room to chill out and drink some more wine spritzers.

Isn’t it cute?

We watched the best of Alec Baldwin on Saturday Night Live and then I went to bed.

Sunday we skipped breakfast and then drove around and waited for shops to open. Finished shopping and hit the road to go home.

No yarn was purchased. The most knitting I did was during the Cajun Fest, but no FOs to report. I bought a few things, but mostly we just relaxed.

Back to normal today.


6 thoughts on “Back from Amana

  1. Susan, I’m sorry you found the folks in the Amanas to not be friendly. Though I almost never go to the Amanas, I live in Iowa City (just a few miles away) and I can assure you that is not typical of Iowans, generally I find them to be exceedingly friendly. (It was quite a culture shock when I moved here from the east coast 25 or so years ago.) Perhaps you encountered tourists from elsewhere? I’m glad you had a good time despite the surliness of your fellow visitors. Sorry about the road/rest stop situation, I’ll get right on that! Debbie

  2. It sounds like you gals had a good time though. Loved the photos and isn’t it strange how we always think we are going to get so much knitting done on a trip and then we do next to nothing? Glad I am not the only one that experiences that!

  3. It must be holidayitis because I know I am exactly the same when we go away I always have plans in my head of how much knitting I am going to get done and it just doesn’t happen. Glad you had a nice time. The photos look awesome and I especially love the one with the humungous frying pan šŸ™‚ Is that you or your sister? I was trying to squint but still couldnt tell

  4. Sounds like a great relaxing vacation. the last 2 vacations I took, I brought a ton of knitting and got nothing done. But I was so relaxed when I got back that my neeldes flew. šŸ™‚

  5. I went to an Amish family style dinner here in Michigan about 2 years ago. I’m still trying to work off the extra calories. But it sounds like a great getaway.

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