Unbirthday Tea Party

What seems like ages ago, Sally B. decided to try to corral some of her friends into signing up for an "Unbirthday" tea party at a fancy tea place. She warned the shop owner that the group she invited were a rowdy bunch. I guess the owner said it would be okay, as long as we were dressed. I don’t know what Sally said to her to give her the impression we were nudists, but anyway….

Sally mentioned that we could dress up and wear hats. Hats! I remembered looking at both the Chicken Viking Hat , the Hallowig,
& the Knit Your Own Fry Up Beret. I planned on making all three.

The Hallowig was easy, and the Viking chicken hat wasn’t too bad, but I ran out of time and didn’t get to make the Fry Up Beret. I was a bit hampered by the fact that I didn’t want to show my hand and have Sally see it, so I couldn’t knit it on Wednesdays with TheBeadLadies.

Finally, on Saturday Chaachi and I picked up our friend Joan and headed off to Tale of Two Sisters in Redwing, MN, which is about an hour long drive. The weather was rainy off and on, but it was still pleasant.

Tale of Two Sisters is in a very nice Victorian home, a great place for colorful pictures both outside and inside. We arrived a bit early, so we had time to look around:

tea party

tea party

tea party

tea party

tea party

tea party
I love this kitchen! Especially with its funky linoleum floor.

Sally finally made her grand entrance and it was time for pics of us all at the table. Everybody looked fancy and normal, like nice, respectable people.

tea party

tea party

But here we are – being our normal weird selves:

tea party
Chaachi and Moi

It was fun. The other people present weren’t put off by the weirdness, thankfully. I didn’t want to spoil anybodies day (really) . We did take the hats off after the pictures, and it was a good thing because they were hot!

I totally zonked out because I should have taken pics of the fancy food. First we had chilled peach and yogurt "soup" with what looked like a dollop of whipped cream. Then out came the little fancy sandwiches (cucumber, egg salad horns, chicken salad on cinnamon bread, tomato and pesto) . The tea was Lemon Solstice, and was tasty and unusual and didn’t need sugar. That was good, because we certainly had enough sweets. The beautiful tea pots had cute holder gadgets to keep the lids on while you pour, with a sponge near the spout to keep from dripping. You probably know what they are called, but I don’t get out much *grin*.

Next came the almond scones with devon cream and lemon curd. We also had a tiny parfait of peppermint ice cream. I managed to remember to photo the cookes shaped like tea pots and chocolate dipped strawberries:

tea party

Then the owner came out wearing a birthday cake hat and we sang an unbirthday song. We ended with a tiny birthday cakes – very sweet. I almost passed out from the sugar buzz.

I think Sally enjoyed herself. Here she is grinning away amongst the roses:

tea party

As you can tell, I’m having fun trying out some fancy stuff with my photo editor.

All that was left to do was have a sleepy trip back.

Now I need to move along and get started on some new projects. My 2nd clapotis is still in process, I don’t know what else to work on, but I am sure I will come up with something soon. I have so many things planned, but nothing is really calling out to me yet.


6 thoughts on “Unbirthday Tea Party

  1. CUTE hats! I was going to try one of those hallowigs myself, and now I really want to. I admire your courage in wearing the chicken hat!!

  2. This looks like so much fun! Love the photos and makes me think I need a good trip like this with some friends soon. Everyone looks like they were having such a wonderful time…thanks for sharing!

  3. I love the chicken legs viking hat! Chicken Legs was my nickname when I was younger.

    ANDDDD I love UNBIRTHDAYS! I send out Happy Unbirthday cards all the time. More people should enjoy them.

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