Money Well Spent

There is a great sale going on at Needlwork Unlimited. Today was the first day and I knew I had to get there as quick as I could.

After kicking back with a friend – helping her with a beadwork project, I took off for the store. I had my lists for my 2 secret pals (AK and Secret Pal 5).

I bought a lot of stuff but I really can’t show you much until I decide who gets what. What I mean by that is that what I purchased was soooooooo goooooood that I am sorely tempted to keep it all. All the yarn I purchased was 20% off, and the book deal was buy one get another at half-price, ditto for the patterns and pattern leaflets. Wow! There were some other fab deals of high-buck yarn (cashmere and the like) being on sale with a bigger discount, but my mind couldn’t deal with that. I have plans on figuring out some projects and going back there again before the sale is finished.

By tomorrow I will have set my mind right and will probably get a pic on here for you – showing you my purchases sans the Secret Pal gifts.

Just to keep you from getting bored I leave you with this pic of Guinevere:

guinevere's angry tail

This is from the other day. She first had her head stuck down between the table and my computer table — trying to suck energy from me. By the time I grabbed my camera she had decided to plop down and rest her head in the printer tray. She proceeded to give me "angry tail" — you know when cats look all calm and sweet but their tail tells another tale.

That’s all for now.


2 thoughts on “Money Well Spent

  1. oh my god – i have TWO cats who bear a most uncanny resemblence to your little mound of fur!! Longer hair though. One of mine insists on draping herself halfway over my keyboard and over the mouse. And I recognize that pose!

  2. She’s gorgeous. Looks totally contented there napping. I may be a bit late with this months parcel, I havent had a chance to go shopping yet. Friday more surgery so I will probably be out of action for another week. If I’m a bit late, don’t panic it’ll be on it’s way.

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