I tried to finish my Clapotis – the return (2nd one) but ran out of yarn! So off to shop last night. Couldn’t decide if I needed to get more other yarn, so I put off the final decision until this am. Of course, it was one of those places where you get free or discounted shipping with a $40 purchase, so guess how much I spent— a bit over $40. I tried to not look at too many of the other pages, just stuck to the kettle dyed yarn. I figured I needed to get more of the 2nd colorway I had ordered previously, and noticed that they were selling a 3rd colorway and ordered a lot of that too.

So, Clap 2 is going to be set aside on a cable and I will start another shawl today. I need to get my rump in gear and get some notes typed so that I can carry the pattern around without worrying about losing my book.

Which pattern? The Highland Triangle Shawl from Folk Shawls

25 Knitting Patterns and Tales from Around the World

If you want to see some finished shawls check out these links:
Wendy (of course), Cassiana, Barbara.

If you are interested in shawls and do not have this book there is something seriously wrong with you. Now you know you want it, just give into the temptation and go ahead and (at least) add it to your wishlist. Perhaps a kind person or your Secret Pal will help you out.

I saw a sample knit of the said shawl done up at Borealis Yarns. The middle triangle was knit using Cherry Tree Hill Sock yarn (varigated), with all the borders done in Gems Merino in a solid color. Fabulous! I asked about the amount of each and bought mine at their latest sale. Pics coming soon. I know I promised that before from another sale at another place—just haven’t been in the photo taking mood. But if you want to see the colors, Old Rose from Cherry Tree Hill (4th one down on the left) and Gems Merino Opal Sportweight in Fern gems merino opal sportweight in fern colorway

This morning I spent time updating both my knitting links and my separate set of links for knitted ponchos. You would not believe the amount of hits I get for those 2 pages.

There may be some dead links on both because sometimes it is hard to tell if a page is truly gone, or whether the owner is experiencing some server problems.

Now I need to get going on those typed instructions. Hope you are having a great weekend —- what are you doing inside? the weather is fantastic – go out and play!


2 thoughts on “Updating

  1. I love this Folk Shawls book so much – I’m planning to do the Japanese Kimono Shawl next. I’m about halfway through the Aran Pocket Shawl in Cascade Quatro, for my mom’s birthday. It gets cold at her place in the winter and I thought that would be cosy, plus keep her reading glasses and other needful things in one pocket. *grin*

  2. Oooh, I just got the Folk Shawl book and am trying desparately to decide which to do first. After all the other stuff I already started, that is.

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