Color Woes

I started on the Highland Triangle lace shawl yesterday. Seeing that the yarn I am using is not the same weight that the pattern calls for, I knew that I needed to try out different needle sizes. I went with a US size 5 last night and just didn’t like it. It looked too messy, so today I got out my ancient set of Susan Bates Circulons and tried the pattern with a size 3 needle.

It is working fine now. Of course, it will need to be blocked.

Speaking of blocking, I have yet to block and finish my Fan Stitch Half-Circle Shawl from Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls, by Martha Waterman. What has been keeping me from moving forward is that I can’t pin it out on my bed because I have one of those Sleep Number Beds. I finally figured out that I could pin it out on the futon in the guest room. Now I just need to get some blocking wires and do it. Maybe tomorrow? I have a 20% off deal that needs to be cashed in at Three Kittens. I just hope they have those blocking wires.

Now, the reason for the title of this post. I just can’t seem to get decent colors from this camera. Everything turns out looking blue. The Fan Stitch shawl is a deep eggplant color, but the pic looks blueberry blue and neon-like. Ick. So I made the pic black and white so you could see the details better. Remember, this is before some serious stretching/blocking and finishing.

It needs to be stretched before I can finish any additional borders. I think it will look very nice once it is finished, it is just a bit poochy right now, and very stiff. The yarn I am using is (I am guessing) heavily sized because it is on a cone.

I couldn’t get a decent color shot of my Highland Triangle beginning, nor a pic of my Clap 2.

Color. Who would know that the camera, even without using a flash, would distort color so much. Maybe it is just me. I am having a hard time liking this blog background too. Too lacquer looking and too dark. I will probably be switching it next week. Don’t get me wrong, it is not that it is red – my living room is a very bright red. I just think these colors make the blog hard to read and they just don’t suit me blog-wise.

My pet pictures seem to work just fine though – go figure.

Here are some fun photos of my dogboy Spencer. He thinks he is cool because he gets to play in his own pool whenever he wishes:

cool dog

and this action shot:

cool dog two


6 thoughts on “Color Woes

  1. Your shawl–blocking or no blocking–looks beautiful! (And I sympathize on the color thing. Purple seems particularly difficult to photograph accurately. No idea why.)

  2. Okay, shawl looks great but that dogboy of yours is to die for!!! What a cutie! And such a lucky boy to have his own pool! Don’t tell my boys are they’ll start a mutiny! Happy knitting!

  3. My digital camera seems to make a cerulean blue sky appear turquoise. It’s a good camera, though, so in my case it’s probably due to a minor adjustment I don’t know about. For two years I’ve meant to go through the owner’s manual and learn more about it. All those bells and whistles and I treat it like an old Instamatic. šŸ™‚

    I can’t let my dog see pics of your dog in his own pool, because he’ll want one and his would be a mud bath.

  4. even in black & white, the shawl looks nice! my camera’s dumb like that sometimes too (it’s a Fuji, don’t know if that’s why or not). I’ve discovered an adjustment in Photoshop that gets me closer to the correct color most of the time. It could be the white balance setting (if your camera lets you change that), or it could be how your monitor displays things. that’s what comes to mind anyways. it could be something else too…

  5. I’ve only seen two of your pictures, love the water dog, and the details on you shawl are beautiful. I wonder, are you taking your knitting outside into the sunlight to photograph? I think all pictures are better taken outside.

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