I Love Mail

I love getting mail. Even junk mail (not email junk mail though, I am not that crazy). I have been loving mail since forever. Especially when I have been away from home. My two summers in Oregon, my first year of college when I was in Georgia.

Even now that I am pretty settled here in Minnesota that love the mail thing has persisted.

I go to the mailbox multiple times to check – especially since my mail carrier seems to always arrive late in the day, but I never know.

Yesterday I was so excited that I got a package. I figured it was from my SecretPal5. It was a book from amazon.com – a knitting book too, but no note. I looked at the receipt thinking there would be a comment area, and that is when I noticed the bill-to address. Turns out the gift was from my sweet sister, Chaachi.

Here she was trying to secret pal me on her own, but Amazon.com blew it. Wasn’t that cool of her? When I called her she said, "which book?" Okay, so do you mean you ordered 2 or more? Yep – 2 . Even more cool. The other one showed up today. Here is what she sent to me:

50 Unique Projects and Ideas Past Lives, Future Lives Revealed

Today was a great mail day too. I got a pile of pattern books that I had bought on Ebay. For some reason I was only remembering one, and here was a package of 15! One in particular I was thinking of sending to my SecretPal5 person. But there are several that would do — just hope I don’t want them myself so much that I can’t bear to gift them away.

And, last but not least, a package from my Secret Pal5 person:

secret pal 2005

So nicely wrapped in gift paper with a very faint Kanji motif in gold. Cool! I opened it up and found this drool-worthy lace knitting book, "Shetland Lace Knitting from Charts", by Hazel Carter, and a skein of oh-so-soft laceweight Alpaca (875 yards!).


Now I am off to play with my knitting presents.


5 thoughts on “I Love Mail

  1. I recently bought that book, so am also enjoying reading it and thinking about all the possibilities. (Half the fun of knitting, I think, is designing…)

    Have fun!

  2. Another little parcel is on its way to you as of this morning (thanks hubby – he went to the post office). Looks like you received some fabulous gifts 🙂

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