Coffee and Knitting

Just a few words before my sister shows up. We go to our weekly The Bead Ladies coffee day today. Chaachi and I knit. Joan does too. Sally knits or beads and the rest of them mostly bead.

I finished a cute, skinny scarf the other day and liked it so much that and went out and bought the same yarn in a different color. Now I am thinking it would be pretty cool to have it done up in every color they have. The yarn is Patons Mosiac. It is 66% Ack-rylic – 34% Nylon. Very soft and kind of fun too!

No pics of said scarf yet, perhaps tomorrow. The one I finished is blue (florentine) and the one I am working on is bottle green.

I cast on 9 stitches and am doing a combo of garter stitch broken up by dropped stitch. One skein makes a very long scarf. I think it was only $6.99 for the skein.

The yarn to finish my Claptois Dos showed up. So I am back to knitting that today and will restart on the Highland Triangle Shawl once my brain comes back. It has been very hot here and I don’t tolerate heat well.

Enough for now. If you are interested in things cosmic and wordy, be sure to check out my husband’s new blog. He is a sweetie.


4 thoughts on “Coffee and Knitting

  1. Ah, the insidiousness of shop samples! I see you’ve given in to the shadow shawl as well as the Highland Triangle – I look forward to watching them grow! I’m trying to resist buying yarn for yet another shadow shawl, but it is so fun to pick out…

  2. Just curious as to whether the parcel arrived safely? Thank you soooo soooo much for the beautiful card you sent. You really didn’t have to do that! About the medallion? inside the card is that a saint? or ?? I was figuring it was a good luck charm? Maybe I should have emailed all this to you 🙂
    Hugz Shell

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