Back in the Beading Saddle

Have you ever been in a slump with one of your hobbies? That happens to me, so far only with my beadwork because that is the one that I have been doing long enough.

The last time I was in a beadwork slump I got myself out of it by taking up beaded knitted amulet bags. Then I was in a craze with those and along the way realized it was the knitting part that was what was doing it for me.

Then I started back into regular knitting and that is when all the money began being sucked into yarn shops all over the US.

Beadwork has been in the background – pops it’s head up now and again. Just recently I have felt a crave to pick it back up and do some bracelets. Some for me, and one for a friend.

So that is what I did. So far I have two done to show you and one that is in process. Here are the finished bracelets:

The instructions are from the book Beadwork Bracelets.

Beadwork Creates Bracelets

But basically, it is peyote done lengthwise and then zipped up into a tube. then you go back and do dangles and add the clasp.

The yellow toned one has both amber and citrine chips, sodalite, and glass beads. My friend Jody belongs to that bracelet now. The cherry one has garnet and faceted gemstone (unnamed but probably a garnet type).

Change of subject. WT has been thinking about getting conga drums. We checked out a used set, and felt very tempted but then the thought of where to put them when they weren’t being used kind of put a damper on the imagined purchase. We decided to wait to see what we could come up with.

In the time since, I have hooked up with friends who drum, and they keep suggesting that he go to Ellis Drum Shop. So, he checked it out and brought home his new baby, a djembe drum.

Cool! Then when we went to the beadstore he picked out a strand of peridot that he wanted to string and hang off the drum.

I guess my need to bead came in handy for him too. Going to the drum store came in handy for me because I realized the stools that drummers use could be a very comfortable computer and spinning stool. No back, but I very rarely use the back so that shouldn’t be a problem. I haven’t decided to purchase one – yet.

Here is the drum, and the drummer.


And a last pic with him and one more thing that makes him happy:

Hope you are enjoying your hobbies or whatever it is that makes you happy today.


5 thoughts on “Back in the Beading Saddle

  1. The bracelets are beautiful! I love the garnet one especially, something about the deep color of garnet that always draws me in. Hope WT enjoys his djembe – my son also has one from Remo, and we all love using it.

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