tcknit picnic

I hate picnics. My feeling is that one should just eat at home and then go out and play in the sun and air. Why schlep your stuff around and risk bugs in your food?

However, tomorrow is the Twin Cities’ SnB Picnic and I will be so much going and enjoying it!

I am donating 2 sets of my Goddess Guards knitting stitch markers to the pile of door prizes that are going to be there. Prizes! Knitting! Eating! There will even be a yarn swap!

I am almost finished with the center triangle of the Highland Triangle Shawl. I would probably be even more near done but I taunted the Knitting Goddess and lost some time tinking and reworking a few rows.

I don’t know if I dare bring this project to the picnic tomorrow, in fear that I will do something stupid. I should probably cast-on a new, simple project today just in case.


3 thoughts on “Picnic!

  1. I love the stitch markers too – I’m so glad that I won them!

    I didn’t realize you were using Gems Marino for the border in the Highland Triangle Shawl; yes, it takes two skeins, and is a pretty tight fit, with nothing left over. I did not bring mine to the picnic, it was in tinking purgatory at that time.

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