Borders Have Been Started

I finished the triangle of the Highland Triangle shawl. Next was to pick-up and start working on the many borders/edging of the shawl.

I had to change the pickup formula a bit to get the correct number of stitches for each side, but it is one of those things knitters know about…. sometimes you just have to make things work.

I have done the eyelet rows and am into the lace sections of the borders. After those are done I will be doing another knitted edging in the same solid green color.

So, do you want to see what I have accomplished so far?

This is the side and the top of the shawl.

This is the bottom of the triangle.

I think it looks fabulous. I am so happy with the colors (real life colors, not these horrid photos). I am a bit concerned that the Gems Merino seems a bit thicker than the center triangle. In reality, as I look at the yarn it isn’t thicker at all, if anything it is thinner, but because it isn’t as tightly spun, it is limp as I knit it — kind of stringy. It feels almost like cotton and I have to keep reminding myself that it will all come out nicer once the shawl is dunked and blocked/stretched.

Back a bit – the TC SnB picnic was very, very nice. It is just so nice to meet people and hang out. I won a cute project – a hedgehog. I didn’t have it handy to photo. It is lost somewhere in my huge mess of a craft/computer room.

Right now I have resorted to typing this on my husband’s computer, which is here in the comfort of the flow of cool air coming from the livingroom air conditioner.

That’s all for now.


3 thoughts on “Borders Have Been Started

  1. I have been contemplating doing this shawl, but I was going to use the recommended yarn. Yours looks much more festive. May have to check out the Gems. Very pretty stuff.

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