Do You Really Need a Picture?

Yes, I am one of the hoards of people that received their Harry Potter books.

I don’t think I need to show you a photo of the cover, you have probably seen it on just about every blog known to humankind.

The book arrived yesterday while I was teaching a Reiki healing class. As soon as I saw the package – I felt like I just wanted the world to go away so I could just sit down and read. But I restrained myself, only after saying to my student, "class is over, you can go home now!" Of course – in a sassy way so she would know that I was just kidding. We continued class, wrapping up about 6:00 pm or so. Then we gave her a lift home, and went out for some fab mexican food at a nearby restaurant.

Then off to Borders because WT wanted to buy more DVDs. Honestly, we don’t need more. I thought I would save a bit of money and unsub from Netflix for the summer, but the result is that "we" seem to have some serious craves for DVDs going on. We need our Netflix back! Tomorrow will find me resubscribing and reloading a list.

We were at Borders for 2 hours! Once we got home it was just too late to start a book. This a.m. I realized that I really needed to finish rereading book 5 so that I would be able to track what is going on.

So today it has been bits of reading along with bits of knitting. What a good life I have.

I had planned on going to Borealis Yarns to meet other TC SnBers, but decided it was just too dang hot to venture out.

Now, I am set to get back at it – the knitting and reading. But before I go – can any of you suggest a good learn to knit book suitable for a pre-teen? My niece wants to learn, and I will certainly be teaching her this week – but because she lives in Florida my ability to walk her through whatever comes up will be minimal. What I am looking for is a book with good photos, and some fun projects that aren’t babyish or too sophisticated.


5 thoughts on “Do You Really Need a Picture?

  1. Kids Knitting is a great book – lots of pictures, fun projects, and clear directions. Not the best book to learn to knit, but after some instruction, it should take up the slack nicely.

  2. I’m almost a quarter of the way through. The Panda learn to knit book is very graphic with detailed step by step instructions and has heaps of great projects in it. I can send you a copy if you’d like?

  3. Sorry, Susan, I don’t have a preteen book suggestion. But I did want to thank you for your suggestion of the spinning website. I’ve already been over there and it looks very helpful. Keep your fingers crossed for me and I’ll keep mine crossed for your niece! Happy teaching!

  4. Peter just finished the most recent HP book. I’m still back on book 3, I think. No time for me to read. Anyway, he loved it – had a look of extreme satisfaction on his face.

    Saw a very interesting indy movie I’ll recommend: “Mail Order Wife.” It was playing at the Parkway. Surreal experience watching this particular movie with a crowd of gray-haired people. References to S&M and grandma – dont’ mix.

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