Life’s Little Pleasures

Life’s Little Pleasures. I think that was a song that ended up being a ditty for a bean commercial. Life is strange isn’t it? It is also very wonderful, and the little things really can mean a lot.

Yesterday I had a great day. I kicked back for a bit at home. Got my email read, did some of my regularly scheduled internet noodling around. Then I needed to just get my butt out of the house. I had called to Borealis Yarns the previous night to see if they had another skein of the Gems Merino that I was using in my Highland Triangle Shawl (Folk Shawls). They did! So I knew I had better pick that up in case I had a lot of knitting time over the weekend. If all went well, Thursday was earmarked for some major knitting, as was/is today.

Anyway, I decided I had better get there before the day became too hot. On the way to the store, I just took a nice side-street route and thoroughly enjoyed the drive, instead of getting overwhelmed by all the nasty driving people that seem to be out there. My route gave me a view of a few groups of children being shepherded by adults – probably some special outings. Just like baby geese/chicks – all in a row. Very sweet.

Once I got to Borealis, I saw a friend from my Wednesday group, The Bead Ladies. Cool! So I thought that since I had brought my knitting, I would just kick back and knit. It was a lazy day there – not too many customers. Got up to get some coffee at the coffeehouse just next door, Dadders. One giant iced mocha please! Theirs is extra dark and strong. I like it fine, except my heart truly belongs to The Coffee Grounds. Good thing they are also my Wednesday gathering place, and where I will be again tonight. Anyway –

Back to knitting, sitting, talking to the 2 ladies working at the shop that day. Sorry ladies, just can’t remember your names right now. Excellent help in these two folks. A couple knitters came in for help and advice and were treated very well. Ditto for the little boy, probably a neighbor. He wasn’t shooed out of the store – treated as respectfully as any adult customer. Bravo!

Had great conversation, decent coffee, good company, good knitting time. I also figured that I might not need that extra skein, so they will just hold it for me until the end of next week – great! By the time I was getting ready to check out (a book and some sale yarn) it was already 3:30 pm!

I got some more knitting in last night, but then just pooped out – enough knitting for the day. Here are some pics so you can see how far I am:

highland shawl

highland shawl center

Before I took these I went outside to check on the dog (he is an indoor dog, but likes to be outside for a bit each day). Anyway, I saw that his pool was empty. So I rinsed it out and started filling it. Filling it takes a bit, so I decided to go inside the house to get my camera for the photos. By the time I was outside again, he had already jumped in the pool to get cooled off. He had jumped out again and had this "busted" look on his face. I think he thought I was going to be angry. I wasn’t but he just couldn’t be coaxed back into the pool.

By the time I had taken the shawl pics, he was back to his sunny self:

And then changed into his bored look:

As you can see by all these pictures, we do not believe in weed control. I just hate putting pesticides into our Earth, just for the sake of a lawn. Weeds are people green too! And when they are mowed, hardly anyone knows. I know I could do a lot of non-pesticide weed control, but frankly, it just isn’t worth the effort right now. Who gets to decide what is a weed vs a plant, anyway? I know there is probably a determination by some scientific classification, but I am just saying. And to prove my point, Did you know that dandelions were brought here because we didn’t have them?. Like I said, I am just saying.

Back to life’s simple pleasures. I have a very blessed life. I love my life. It is rare that I don’t find something to grin about, laugh about, sing about, joke about. When I was thinking about it this am I realized that life is pretty complicated. I think because we have so many options, and because so many things can go "wrong" that might lead us to believe that life isn’t good, but if we think about all the choices we get to make – all the abundance that is in most of our lives (and I am not just talking about money either) we all have so much to be happy about. It makes the choices that don’t turn out as planned much more liveable. It really is all about attitude anyway.


7 thoughts on “Life’s Little Pleasures

  1. It’s so easy to concentrate on negatives without seeing the abundance around us. Thanks for the reminder to look at the good – really needed it today.

  2. ITA with you about weeds. I refuse to allow pesticides and commercial fertilisers on our yard and gardens. They’re not golf-course lush but I don’t have any fears about them being unsafe. Not to mention an herbal lawn does smell wonderful when walked on.

  3. I love it when I get feelings of wellbeing and happiness, its not there all the time, but often enough. I think lots of people never feel that way, and there was a time I didn’t. It makes me realise that you have to make yourself happy, do what’s right for you etc 🙂

  4. Thanks for the beautiful post. I’m about to start another phase of my life due to the serendipitous gift of a layoff. You reminded me how exciting it is to think about all the choices that are available to me in this phase (or two)! Namaste.

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