Secret Pal Gifts!

I received my July gifts for the Secret Pal 5 thang, and was so excited. Emailed my giftee right away, and told her I would be gushing on the blog right away. Then life happened and now some time has passed. Only about a week – but still.

My gifts came in the cutest box (didn’t photo it though) a Mickey Mouse box. My mail carrier knocked on the door. I flew to the door, because a knock always means there is a box for me. She was getting ready to put a note on the door. No way! That just means that there is a delay and knowing that you have a box with wonderful things inside and having to wait the next day to pick it up is just plain torture.

I signed for the box, all excited. She said, "There must be something really good in a box like that!" Yes!

Here is a photo of the before:

secret pal 5

and after I opened them all up:

secret pal 2005

3 whole books: The Knitted Teddy Bear, The Sock Calendar, and Simply Beautiful Sweaters. A sheep tape measure (cute!), 2 balls of Regia sock yarn in colors that my husband likes and will wear, sock shaped needle protectors, and a package of plastic post thingies that are supposed to help you seam up a garment. I have never seen those before, so I don’t know how to use them yet. I will have to Google around to figure them out.

Great stuff! The sock calendar/book is so cool, the Teddy Bear book I had on my wish list and the sweater book I am saving to look through some time this week (weird, I know but it works for me).

I have the greatest Secret Pal! Thank you!!!

Now, I have to send off the Secret Pal gifts for mine, both for Secret Pal 5 and for another knitting group. I hope my giftees like the things I give them.

Now, off to do some Ebay work after attending to my barking dog.


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