Mixed Bag

Life is sometimes just full of contradictions. Today is shaping up to be so wonderful, but kind of weirdly crappy too.

Yesterday I came back from an overnight sleep study to determine my level of sleep apnea. Wow, that was one interesting experience. Had to check into the center at 8:00 pm to start the process. By 9:00 pm I was all setup – wired beyond belief and feeling pretty uncomfortable. Here I was, sitting in the hospital bed with so many wires coming out of me I must have looked frightening, but still knitting; trying to work around this box device where everything plugged in. I managed to get a few rows done on my Shadow Shawl and didn’t even make any mistakes, which was one small feat because of that box being in the way, and because I am sooooooo very tired. Tired to the state of feeling very sleepy when I drive – really having to concentrate on staying awake, falling asleep when I sit down to relax (read, knit, watch a movie), etc. I was also feeling very shaky; it was hard to keep my hands doing the right thing.

When it was time to try to sleep, the technician took the box and hooked it up over the bed, and we did a few tests to see if everything was working. After a few adjustments, it was time to sleep.

It took a bit, and an Ambien to help me get there, but by the next morning they had determined the correct level for my CPAP machine, and I was trained on how to use it and sent home.

Today’s technology is pretty amazing! This gadget looks like a mini vacuum cleaner, but unlike a vacuum it is (thankfully) very quiet. My husband didn’t even hear it at night. Me, I was ultra aware of the sound of the air, of being unable to sleep on my side – and of sometimes waking up very abruptly – wondering what the heck I was doing with this thing on my nose! Imagine how you felt when you were first learning how to drive a car – thinking there was no way you would ever be able to relax and not have to think so hard — that is how I feel right now.

Yesterday was overwhelming, and today it still is – but I can already feel that there is a difference. Last night was very frustrating, but I managed to sleep using the machine, and didn’t take it off, except for brief bits where I felt that I needed a few minutes break.

Still shaky today – but a bit more rested, enough to knit a few more rows before I head off to visit my friend Le Joy and her newish baby. I was with Le Joy all through her difficult pregnancy – visiting her almost every week, but since she has had the baby (now almost a month!) I haven’t been able to visit her. I can hardly wait!

Oh, more about knitting – here is a pic of my progress on the Shadow Shawl:

Here’s to a terrific Friday and an excellent weekend for all of us.


One thought on “Mixed Bag

  1. So what were the actual results of your test? Did you have apnea? Did you get the CPAP that has the graduated air pressure? Mine does. I don’t know how people ever get to sleep with the other kind. It’s just too intense. But with the graduated airflow I don’t even notice it building and in the morning I’m surprised to find it going full pressure. Wow, it took me a month from the time of my test until I got my machine – oh yeah, I had insurance problems.

    I’m wondering about the clumsy, shaky feeling though. That sounds worrisome.

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