I decided to publish the post I had wrote on Friday today. It is dated Friday because it is Friday’s post. Anyway – I never did get around to taking a picture of the shawl. I might do that today (update at 4:23 p.m.) and here it is!

I didn’t even end up visiting Le Joy. After writing the post, I lost my phone 5 times (in the same room). I also kept hitting into things, dropping things. I felt overwhelmed, unable to deal with the slightest bit of thinking. Then I realized that I shouldn’t go to visit Le Joy, because I was in serious danger of doing something stupid.

I called and left a message, then got into the shower and almost fell over.

Since Friday I have had other weird moments of just wanting to fall down. Not that I feel dizzy, but I seem to be really clumsy. I think it is just the (still) effects of not having enough sleep. I am doing better each night with the CPAP machine, but it is still taking some getting used to. I was able to drive last night, which is a huge relief — don’t like feeling so hemmed in.

I finally finished re-reading Harry Potter book 5 and started the latest. I should be able to finish today.

Now I am off to do just that!

Have a great Sunday.

4 thoughts on “Update

  1. Here’s hoping you get more good sleep soon! My dad was stunned at the difference the CPAP made, once he got enough real sleep under his belt to see the difference. Sleep is good!

  2. Sounds like you need a really good night’s sleep. I finished reading HP and HB prince a little while ago. Hope you enjoy it 🙂 ps. the shawl looks gorgeous

  3. Wow, that is a lot of progress on the shawl – I see you are already in the middle portion, not long until the midpoint. I am 1/3 of the way through the decreases, but you still might beat me!

    Hope you are getting the sleeping sorted out – being tired is no fun.

  4. Susan –

    Saw your blog listing about dizziness. I had the same problem nearly a year ago.

    I’d been using CPAP for a two and a half years (and it’s a God-send) and didn’t make the connection between the two. A lovely ear doctor told me…

    I’d gone on vacation and NOT had humidified air in the CPAP. Dried out my eustachian (sp?) tubes. One or two more nights with humidification in the CPAP air and I was just fine. Now, when I travel, I take along my whole set-up.

    Charming insurance companies seldom pay for the higher priced CPAP with built-in humidifier. If the CPAP is WHY you are dizzy you should start making some noise about the humidification being a medical necessity. If that fails (and it did for me), I suggest the following, as recommended by the ear doc:

    I have a homemade humidifier set-up. I put cork feet on a 12″ floor tile and placed a heating pad on top of it. A separate CPAP humidifier tray (about $100 for the silly little plastic tray, but it does work) goes on top of the heating pad, on top of which goes the CPAP.

    The ear doc said that if this were not enough, I could put a separate room humidifier next to the intake of the CPAP machine.

    I’ve taken eight trips this year, all over the US, and I pack it all each time and have had no trouble since.

    Good luck with the CPAP.


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