I am so ready for Fall

I am so ready for Fall. I think it happened when I was buying beads at Beadstorm. I was waiting for my beads, picking up and smelling the stick incense they carry and I hit on one that made me want Fall to come. Something that smells like fall, like cinnamon, or such.
fall leaf

It has been cooler here too. The leaves are starting to turn, and I am ready for all the kids in the neighborhood to go to school so I can get some peace and quiet. I like kids, not enough to have any of my own – and I totally understand the need to be kid-like, but what is up with the high-pitched shrieking, and for seemingly no reason?

Anyway, back to peaceful thoughts about Fall. The Minnesota Renaissance Festival started last weekend. I think we may go this weekend. I have always loved to go to Ren Fest, but now that we have Spencer the wonder dog – it is even more fun. We take him along and after a somewhat lengthy bit to check him in, we walk around, look at all the wonderful crafts, people-watch, eat and watch the shows. He just loves to visit with people and hang out with us. Of course, he really loves all of the food that is dropped at this fair, but I would like to think that it is our loving company that makes him so excited to be there.

Looking at the themes for the weekends, it might be more fun to wait for the Highland Fling. I love to see the dancers and hear the bagpipes.

Have you noticed that I haven’t mentioned any knitting yet? I finished the shadow shawl and I haven’t blocked it yet so I don’t think I want to show you that again.

I was casting about trying to find a project that I could start up during the gathering of Minnesota Ample Knitters. I wanted to continue on my Charlotte’s Web Shawl, but then I realized that I wasn’t understanding where I had left off, and then I decided to just rip it out and start again. But that isn’t a good project to start up when visiting.

So I quickly dug out some of the deep chocolate brown yarn I had purchased for the Wool Peddler’s Shawl (Folk Shawls). Easy stuff, just a big triangle with yarn-over increases at the edges and in the center. That is, until you get to the lace borders. But for now, it is just a brown triangle, so I won’t share a photo right now. The yarn is very yummy, Gems Merino Opal, which feels heavier than the same in green that I used for the Highland Triangle (Folk Shawls). I wish I had this color in the Gems Merino Pearl (fingering weight), which would work better with the Cherry Tree Hill that I have chosen for the lace. But what I have will do because I have decided it will.

My mother has decided on a vest. It is the Sari Silk Vest from Folk Vests. I have 4 skeins of the recycled silk in my stash, so how cool is that? I need to order some solid colored recycled silk yarn, and I see that Himalaya Yarns has it, but it is a blend of wool and silk, and has less yardage than the stuff on the pattern. Is there anybody out there that has knit this? If you have, can you help me out with some questions I have? Just email me if you can. I have emailed Cheryl Oberle, whose pattern this is, but I don’t expect an answer, really. I always think authors as some elusive, magical creatures who don’t check email as compulsively as I do.

Today is my Beadladies Day — knitting and beading and coffee, and I will be working on that brown triangle.


3 thoughts on “I am so ready for Fall

  1. I love the Folk Vests book AND the Folk Shawls too. I just finished my first vest from the vest book – the Bookworm Vest. I had to be creative with the directions for picking up stitches on the bands – even the errata didn’t get it right. Don’t panic if something seems wrong, just use your brain. I plan to send photos and comments to the author/publisher. It caused me quite a bit of angst until I listened to my gut. Good luck.

  2. Oh, Autumn. It can’t come soon enough for me! (Though to be fair, this week’s weather has been just about perfect, so I’m not complaining.) But . . . Fall! Sweaters! Macoun Apples! Crisp, cool weather! Sigh . . .

  3. Your shadow shawl is lovely. I’ll be doing one in October. What lovely colors. Fall….yes, there’s a crispness in the air that has me energized, although I so love the balmy nights of summer.

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