Blocked – in a good way

2 posts in one day, I just couldn’t wait to show you that I finally have something to show you that is blocked. Here are 2 photos of my finished shawl (click either for a large view):

Wool Peddler’s Shawl (Folk Shawls)
Gems Merino Opal (2 skeins) in Caribou
Cherry Tree Hill Supersock (1 skein) in Earth (potluck version)

It blocked out to 1" shorter in both width and depth of the finished size in the book. I could block it larger, and probably will – it’s just that I laid it out kind of weird on the futon and it didn’t fit, but I didn’t want to unpin it.

Right now I have my unfinished purple shawl blocking so that I can see how large the additional border needs to be.

6 thoughts on “Blocked – in a good way

  1. That is a really great looking shawl. The inset effect is very nice and the colors are amazing together. The lace almost seems to glow.

  2. Really nice wool peddler – I have been thinking of doing that one. I just didn’t realize I could do it with sock weight. Good to know. Nice job, I like the two color contrast.

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