Will you forgive me another "I haven’t blocked this yet" kind of photo if I show you the object in water (i.e. getting ready for blocking)?.

Here is my finished and soaking Wool Peddler’s Shawl (Folk Shawls):
wool peddlers shawl

This shows the lace section that I did in Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Earth (potluck), with the main section and bottom bit in Gems Merino Opal in a yummy brown color. The water is quite brown, so I may need to do a bit of rinsing on this one.

I hope it blocks out the way I want it to – so that the thicker Gems Merino is puffy and makes the lighter weight lace portion look like it has been inset (set in?). You know what I mean.

I have the futon waiting with it’s checkered sheet covering and my mass of pins.

After looking through a ton of books and patterns for another shawl, I decided to do a smallish project – just a scarf. Here is my beginning, again in Cherry Tree Hill’s Supersock and a pic of the colorway, African Grey, that doesn’t totally distort:

cherry tree hill merino african grey colorway

I hope to have some more blocked shawls to show you soon, but honestly, it may be weeks before I get up enough umph to get them all done.

In closing, please don’t forget your good thoughts, prayers, and energy count as well as your concern and money to the charities of your choice. You know what I am talking about.

For Minnesotans, word is that we should be knitting for the Katrina refugees that will be housed in Camp Ripley. I would imagine that folks used to the heat of New Orleans will be in for quite a shock from our cooler Minnesota fall & winter. Borealis Yarns – 1340 Thomas Ave. in St. Paul, is getting together donations – knitted objects, any donations really. I will post more info as I get it.


2 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Yum! I love Cherry Tree Hill Supersock 🙂

    Thank you for sharing information about knitted donations for those affected by Katrina. I started a random hat to donate just two days ago, thinking perhaps it should be a chemo cap. Now I know where it should go.

  2. I love this shawl done in contrasting colors! How many hanks of the Cherry Tree Hill did it use? I have two different colors in my stash, but only one hank of each. I made this shawl up in natural brown alpaca from Henry’s Attic and it has become one of my favorites to wear. It was fun knitting and I’d like to try it again in a different yarn.

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