Shawl Syndrome

I finished the feather and fan scarf. It is interesting, certainly very bright (seems to be a theme lately). I will block it today and show you tomorrow. Still don’t know if I am going to keep it and wear it, or donate it or possibly sell it.

I can’t seem to be interested in anything that isn’t lace or shawls. I will be making my mother that vest, that is if I can remember to order the rest of the yarn.

I did think to order a bunch of new shawl patterns. And believe me when I tell you that I really don’t need a bunch of new shawl patterns. Needing doesn’t have anything to do with it – wanting is "in" with me right now because I am nearing my birthday. Okay, so it isn’t until the 28th, but why wait?

So, what did I order? I will show and tell, of course so just give me a moment to get some links together and – – –

These are all over at Yarns by Design and all are designs by Two Old Bags (Wool You Order). I wish TOB had their own website, so I could see all their stuff together. But anyway…

I have been on the search for a shawl that reflects a Minnesota theme. The Pacific Northwest shawl is just too dang Pacific. We have a lot of water here, and gulls (even in the parking lots) but no sand dollars and such. I like the trees in that shawl though, and I know 100% that I could design a shawl but I am just not interested right now. So I found this pattern description:

Two Square Shawls – Includes Mountain Pines and Boundary Waters, square shawls knit in one piece from a center square. Both designs are inspired by the forests of northern Minnesota. Pattern includes written and charted instructions.

Right up my alley, although it is a head scratcher why the word Mountain – we don’t have mountains here in MN, but what the heck.

The other I bought with a Minnesota theme is the

Snow Forest Lace Stole – This is a traditional rectangular stole which begins along the long edge. Suitable for beginning lace knitters and a quick project for the experienced knitter.

Minnesota is all about the snow. I was just thinking I would return the cream colored merino laceweight for the more white, but now I am thinking that it is almost white and besides, snow here doesn’t stay white very long – and more important, I just look better in cream vs. real white. So there.

Want to see the photos? Just check out this link that will go to the Two Old Bags page on that website. While you are there, check out the other shawl pattern I ordered (I know, it is a disease!) – the Concert in the Park, which has the photo for the Snow Forest Lace Stole by the description, but if you click on the link you will see the correct photo.

Ah, heck – I might as well put them here on the blog, but do visit Yarns by Design – a good place, and although it is in Wisconsin – land of cheese, I do not see any cheese themed objects on the website, so those that are lactose intolerant should be safe.

mountain pines shawl

snowforest shawl

concert in the park shawl


One thought on “Shawl Syndrome

  1. I’ve been looking for a “proper” Minnesota-themed shawl too! I thought about the same ones as you–the Pacific Shawl, the Summer in Kansas (we have corn fields here…I saw corn at the State Fair). I kept looking at the Song of Hiawatha stole, and didn’t put two and two together till I went to Duluth, and heard the legend of Hiawatha takes place in the North Shore, and the stole tells the story! How cool is that??! So, I promptly bought the pattern. Granted, I bought the pattern from a Wisconsin store (Blackberry Ridge), online, no doubt, but it’s still Minnesotan!

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