Flower Baskets, Fluffies and Fun

I have been working furiously on the Flower Basket Shawl (Interweave Knits Fall 2004) for a while now. It was for me, but then something happened. My student and friend, Andrea West asked if I would be willing to donate anything – goods or services, for a fundraising event for Tasks Unlimited.

Of course, and since I already had it on my needles, the Flower Basket Shawl seemed like a good thing to donate for the silent auction. Lightweight, quick knit (hehe), reasonable cost to make, etc.

I figured it would be something that someone would like. Being made of Elizabeth Lavold’s Silky Wool, I figured the silk content would help it seem special i.e. people would bid up on it.

Hope that does come true. Back to the hehe comment. I was up until 1:00 a.m. last night getting it done – I ended up knitting about 1/3 of it in one long day, and then had to dunk it and block it so that it would be ready for pickup at 9:30 a.m.

My fingers are a bit sore today. For some reason the last digit of my index finger is just killing me. So this post will be short.

Here is the finished project:

flower basket shawl

This is the only good shot I got. I really need to think about selling this Fujifilm digital and buying a Kodak digital again. Most of my shots are too dang fuzzy/blurry because I shake too much. I know that fuzzy goes with the blog title "F" theme, but it just doesn’t suit me otherwise.

The rest of the post on the Fluffies and Fun will have to wait because my dogboy Spencer is barking and I don’t want to tick off the neighbors.


8 thoughts on “Flower Baskets, Fluffies and Fun

  1. What a gorgeous shawl. I made up a scarf in the same color of Silky Wool and just marveled at how soft it was to the touch. Here’s hoping it makes a lot of money for a very good cause!

  2. It’s just lovely! But I am getting really irritated with everybody saying what a quick knit this was. Mine took forever and half blinded me. But it was pretty when done.

  3. Hi Susan – It’s gorgeous! So wonderful of you to share. Whoever gets this will have a treasure. Happy knitting!
    p.s. Mine took awhile too, as it was my first (newbie) *finished* lace project.

  4. Your shawl is just beautiful – the color is wonderful. Saw your post on “laceforallseasons” – and yes, when I used the Silky Wool there was a bit of vegetable matter to pick out. But the yarn is great.

  5. I notice the same problem with my pics, but it goes away if I use a tripod. However, that’s just too time consuming to deal with so I usually snap away without one.

    Looking for a magical, materializes when you think about it tripod. 😉

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