Fluffies, Fun and Birthday doings

Last Saturday WT, Spencer (dogboy) , and our friends Jody, Jim and Zoe went to the Retrieve A Golden of Minnesota (RAGOM) annual picnic. It was so much fun! It is hard to explain how wonderful it is to see so many goldens all together at one time. The photos I have just don’t do it justice. Mainly because of all the people in the way – dang! You just don’t get that feeling in the photos – seeing goldens wherever you look.

This is the best I can do:

This is a full-blood Golden, a champion from Canada. I guess the English Golden Retrievers are more this white color – pretty, but I like my goldens dark

The picnic was at Snail Lake Park in that beautiful pavillion above. I guess the turnout (human) was about 400 people over the course of the day. Wow!!! Like I said, people and goldens everywhere. What was really cool was that even with all the people and dogs – hardly any barking or acting out. Okay, maybe some humans, but the dogs were angels!

The RAGOM people sure did a great job. I can’t say enough good things about this organization. They have a fantastic website – be sure to check it out!

Of course there were raffles for some excellent gifties donated by various people and groups. We won a really neat dogbed. It is made out of PVC pipe, slightly off the ground (about 4 inches) with a canvas bed lashed on. Very lightweight and Spencer loves it! It is like a doggie hammock. It will come in handy as our lovely dogboy ages – less stress on the old joints.

On to knitting content. I started up one of the many shawl patterns I have. This one is for me (that is, as far as I know). It is the Weeping Willow Shawl (Two Old Bags)

weeping willow shawl

and I am doing it in Misti Alpaca Laceweight in a very light green. I would say lime, but that doesn’t really totally describe it.

Here is a pic of some progress:

weeping willow shawl - in progress

As you can see, I went slightly nutty when I picked out this set of circular needles. See how excellently it matches the yarn?!? What was I thinking? I am bringing them back, along with the Clover bamboos that I tried, the Clovers because they are 4.25mm instead of the 4.00 I need dang! I hate when that happens! But anyway, the tips are a little blunt, and the cord is just too stiff.

I love my Denise needle set, and because this shawl is done in US6 (4.00mm) I have a needle small enough and the tips are certainly pointy enough, good color difference (enough not to go bonkers) but the middle cord is just too much like the needle size, and this Misti Alpaca needs something less stressful – more flowing. My set of Inox Express have a good thin and flexible cable, but the tips are just plain crappy. I bought them a few years ago, and they turned crappy almost immediately. Chipped at the tips, etc. I should have taken them back right away, but I didn’t. I still use them because the are the right size, 16" length, for baby hats and are okay enough with sturdy wool, cotton or ack-rylic.

But for this luscious laceweight – no crappy needles allowed. Think Addi-Turbos. But, so much money! I have this "thing" about my money. There is my money, which I earn, and WTs money, which is really "ours" but I don’t like to spend money for "just me" out of his/our money and I don’t like to be extravagant with mine. So there!

Anyway, WT picked me up to ride with him to the chiropractor. On the way there I commented on his tie, shirt and pants combo. Something was just a bit off. Not so much that other guys would notice – but. He decided that because of that comment I needed to open my birthday card a day early. It was waiting for me in the car, sitting there tucked in the visor. Cute card – about how he might not be able to pick out clothes, etc. but he was smart enough to pick me out. Happy Birthday! Cute card – but no money or gift certificate. I just chalked it up to a present later, or no present which really is okay. I am big on the "just wish me a happy birthday and that is enough" kind of thing.

On the way home from the chiro he told me we weren’t going straight home – there was a surprise for me. So, to kill time (after I gave him a mass of questions to try to ferret out where we were going), I mentioned Yarn Harlot’s hysterically funny 800 number about Holiday Knitting. One of the options from the menu (after a somewhat lengthy message) is to press 3 and then hold the phone up to the ear of your SO. It is a "hint" for them to buy you yarn. So I was telling WT about this crazy message and wanted him to listen to it. Then I realized we were very near one of my favorite yarn shops. So I told him where to park – because I am a bright person – I figure things out.

We went inside and there was a group of people waiting to celebrate the shop owner’s birthday. One of the customers announced that today (yesterday) was her birthday too, and then I got to exclaim that tomorrow was my birthday! Yipee! Cake!!! Then one of the workers walked over and handed me a card. Here WT had arranged with them to have a birthday card ready for me as a surprise, with money to spend on me, me, me!!!

I decided to just look around to see what was new and get a list together to come back and get that money spent but quick. But first to the Addi Turbos because it didn’t hurt so much to spend gift certificate money.

Woo hoo!

Today I am doing my usual coffee with the BeadLadies and hang out with my sister. Tonight it is dinner with the STARS folks. I am on the board and tonight is a board meeting – sob – but because it is my birthday (not really but it sounds good anyway) we are going out for dinner and WT is coming along.

Enough for now. Peace!

5 thoughts on “Fluffies, Fun and Birthday doings

  1. Happy Birthday, Susan! Good job, WT! I hope you get a bunch of yarn you like – I like that shade of green for the WW shawl, too. And the dogs? Brings tears to my eyes – were they all rescues?
    Hope you have a fun day!

  2. I love your photos of the golden get together. I take my corgi to the corgi funday sunday and my greyhound to the greyhound picnic, so I know how much fun it is to see all the dogs together. I also like the color of your misty green shawl. I LOVE that color! What a great birthday surprise! Enjoy it to the max!

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