Disappointment, Doubt, Recovery and Ramblings

I really don’t mean to have the matching letter thing going on, it just seems to turn out that way.

Expectations and perfectionism has been a big problem in my life. I have gone from a very Type A person which has it’s positives but also the negatives of: high expectations not being met – in myself and others, which is a form of judgement. Usually what happens is that I am either disappointed in myself and then other people step up to tell me how "bad" I am, or I think I am mighty fine, but nobody else is.

Thankfully, I have worked on and healed most of that negative behavior. But bits and pieces come up now and again. I understand why – another chance for me to do some good work on myself. And basically the bottom line is that I need to accept my faults, let-go and release, be kind to myself and others. I am pretty kind to others, but still having problems with being calm when people are mad at me or I have disappointed them.

Why am I talking at you about this? I have been noticing how unkind people are – usually to themselves, but occassionally to others too. In knitting a lot of bloggers are so quick to point out the mistakes in their projects, the trauma of letting it be, or ripping it out, etc.

I guess I am no different there, but I hope you find in my blog the bottom-line I have about knitting being relaxed and fun. I choose to rip things out because I would rather fix things, and I don’t berate myself for having made a mistake. I like knitting so much I don’t mind having to redo.

Take for example the Weeping Willow Shawl. I ended up starting over because of a weird mistake, and I couldn’t seem to just rip out a row, it didn’t look right. Now, as I have been knitting along I realize that I just don’t like that it is more holey than I want it to be, and the decreases are just a bit too something. Perfectionism? Could be, but it feels like I would just like it more with a smaller needles size. I just "know" that I would.

So now I am back to the "don’t have the right type of needle to do it". I could take my gift certificates and buy the needles I need/want – but various things are holding me back.

So, what to do? Knit some hats of course! I love knitting pumpkin hats for the babies in my life. This year there are 2 – one for Nicole and Matt’s baby Ronan, and Le Joy and Steven’s Kaelyn (hope I spelled that right). I use a very loved but beat-up pattern by Ann Norling – Kid’s Fruit Cap. I used to make these in ack-rylic, mostly because Red Heart was the only brand of yarn that had the right bright pumpkiny orange color. But then I found Cotton-Ease, and have been making my latest out of that.

Here is a photo:
pumpkin hat

It really isn’t that bright. It just right and so soft! The green is kitchen cotton. I bit more stiff, but not a problem because it is usually only used in the leaf/nipple stem area. Is it just me or doesn’t this look like a big orange boob?

Anyway, like I said, the green is mainly for the top bits that aren’t in contact with soft baby skin. But I ran out of this fabulous Cotton-Ease in orangeade and now I can’t find it anywhere. Cotton-ease is discontinued! *sob*. So, I decided to just knit as much as I could, and then picked up the rim of the hat and used the green for a brim to match the leaves and stuff.

I did Google and found people selling the color, and found someone on Ebay that had a good price (less then retail even with shipping=score!) So now I will have 10 skeins and that should last me for a quite a few pumpkin hats.

I love Ebay.

Did you see the witch next to the hat? It is really cool – I found it either at Michaels or JoAnn Fabrics. The book she is reading says, "Spells For Knitting".

If you are still with me, I would love to have some comments in answer to this question. How long do you expect shipping to take after you have ordered an item? Add to that the thought that the person you are buying from is not a store, but someone like me who sells a few things. Is 7-10 days outrageous? One of the reasons why I am asking this is because I am thinking about selling some of my beaded stitch markers and

  • a. I don’t want to have to make up a bunch (more than 5 sets) before I get orders, so I have to allow for perhaps not having them all done to ship.
  • b. I don’t want to be making a lot of trips to the postoffice because I don’t want to waste gas.
  • c. I want to give myself lee-way in case life intrudes.

I am thinking about telling people up-front that I will only be shipping on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Is that too freaky?


6 thoughts on “Disappointment, Doubt, Recovery and Ramblings

  1. I think it’s absolutely fine as long as you tell your potential customers upfront.

    The hat does look vaguely boobish, but not in a bad way. Just vaguely.

  2. I have bought and sold a bunch of stuff on Ebay. I have had things take as long as 3 weeks to get to me. I usually offer the option of parcel post or priority in case someone really cares more about dollars versus speed. Try to inform your customers that you ship on specific days or within a specific time frame so they don’t panic. Also, get a scale and buy your postage online, If it’s under a certain weight, you don’t have to go to the PO, you can drop in a Mail Box. For small packages, you can buy small padded envelopes to ship in. Good luck.

  3. I used to make and sell baby slings and said outright on my website that shipping would approximately two weeks as I made all orders on my own. Very few people ever had any issues with this and many orders went out sooner. As long as you are upfront about how long it will take, people can make their own decisions and go from there.

    BTW, I love your goddess stitch markers! Keep meaning to buy myself a set 😉

  4. I agree with previous comments – as long as you’re up front about the shipping period, I think most people are fine with it. I’ve bought a lot of stuff off eBay where the seller only ships once a week. You could offer expedited service if someone wants to pay extra, if you wanted to give that option.

    LOVE pumpkin hats!

  5. I think as long as you’re upfront, it shouldn’t be a problem. Maybe check out some of the others who sell similar items and see what they say about their shipping. Also, I would think that even with padding and what-not the markers would be lightweight enough to just stick in the box with the regular mail that the postman picks up (I know there’s some restrictions on weight nowadays). (btw, did you know we have a 24/7 post office? they’re even open on holidays!)

    the hat looks great (and yes, I can see the resemblance.)

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