Susan Needs:

Susan needs to wear a bra.
Susan needs to
Susan needs your help now to prepare for the election call.
Susan needs to work on writing better songs.
Susan needs all your love and money.
Susan needs a tray, six inserts, center bowl and metal spinning rack.
Susan needs a change.
Susan needs to succeed in the face of and despite this madness.
Susan needs to continue sharing her public farts – proudly and loudly! whew, how did they know?!? hehehe
Susan needs to rest now.

One of the current meme thangs. Take your name, and google for it “________ needs” (with or without the quotes), and post the best ones. Have fun!

Knitting content: I am making a bunch of pumpkin hats in various sizes to sell at my coffee house, with tags that credit the designer (of course). A couple of the bead ladies suggested that I make up a few adult sized ones to sell too. Perhaps.


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