Everyone needs a hat

Hats are going to be very important. Think about it, high fuel prices + winter = gargantuan heating costs. So, what to do? Hats, hats, hats!!!


I knit a lot of hats up every winter for the homeless and kids. This year I gotta make myself one or two or three. Just to wear around the house. I know that sweaters work for keeping warm, ditto with shawls and all, but covering the head will keep you plenty toasty.

Here is the type I mean (blurry photo=best I could get)


A kind of "then came Bronson" type in that it doesn’t really cover much of the ears.

Okay, moving along….. I promised a pic of my cat wearing one of those pumpkin hats. Here we go:

Scary huh?! Gotta hand it to all the people that actually get decent pics of their pets wearing things. Nigh impossible.

And to close, my usually sparkling white cat Guinevere likes to transform herself into a black cat. She tries really hard but usually doesn’t get the face quite right:


One thought on “Everyone needs a hat

  1. Are you a knit giver, too? I swear, almost everything I make is for someone else. A great thing, but occasionally I realize that *I* don’t have any nice, knitted goodies for myself. Working on fixing that…after I finish my next round of gifts.

    Love the pumpkin hat action shots!

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