Did you know that Minnesota is the "the State of Hockey"? Well, whenever I think or hear the word score… I immediately think/hear in my mind…"he shoots…. he scores!!!"

Anyway – I did a little yarn score yesterday. WT and a good friend had gifted me with certificates for Borealis Yarns. Those gift certificates have been weighing on my mind.

You know what I mean. One can’t just blow those things on just anything… they need to cook/stew for a while. Lists – heck, even spreadsheets need to be made, books (many, many books) need to be consulted, lists checked again and again, and again.

Then the energy just needs to be right. It can’t be a crabby day or a rushed day. It can be a bad hair day, but not a "I feel bloated" day.

Yesterday the planets were aligned. I had my notes/lists/spreadsheet but was still sufficiently open so that if I didn’t exactly find what I needed I would not be disappointed.

borealis shopping spree

I walked in and started the process. First though, so as to not cause a slap down from the knitting Goddess, I made a donation to the handknits collection pile for the various causes for cold people. That done – the next bit of sacrifice – using some of those precious gift certificate dollars for a gift-back to hubby. That one took a while because although I had the pattern and knew what I was looking for (sportweight yarn) finding the correct type and color can be elusive. Number one reason – not so much sportweight yarn around. Gems Merino to the rescue, then the many agonizing minutes of color selection. Swatches were consulted, and finally a small pile of 2 skeins of Gems Opal in a pretty burgundy were decided upon.

Next, yarn for many, many shawls. Which shawls? *shrug*, does it matter? Okay, for sure the 3 skeins of bluish green Alpaca will go for triangular versions of either the Mountain Pines or Boundary Waters. Now I am thinking that I should have bought enough for the full square versions. Especially since triangular versions would have to be figured out by moi. Oh well, I know they have a pile of the color, so I can always go back.

I for sure have enough of both the wine (93) and purple (759) colorways of Skacel Merino laceweight – a whopping 1350 yds. Never mind that I already have 2 more of those at home (cream and navy).

On to more laceweight – a huge, fluffy pile of Cherry Tree Hill’s Merino Lace (2400 yds!!!) in the Wild Cherry colorway.

Finally, 2 sets of circulars for said shawls. An Addi Turbo size 5 and very much, much cheaper Inox circular size 4.

Already received in the mail that day were a stack of books that I had ordered from points gathered from using my Visa checkcard. Yarn Harlot’s new book, the Knitting Experience #3 (color) by Sally Melville, and Knitting Over the Edge by Nicky Epstein. Yum, Yum, Yum!!! Free shipping – score!!!

Now I am off to knit on a new pair of felted clogs for myself, interspersed with pats to my new stash, or perhaps a glance or two into the many, many new books.


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