Interlocking Balloons Scarf

I started up the scarf WT picked out from the book Scarf Style (Interweave Press). Remember: great book, but blurry images.

After Googling around to see the results from other knitters, I decided that the consensus was to go down a needle size. So that is what I did. I am using US 5s and Gems Merino Opal in the burgundy color. Here is what I have so far:

interlocking ballons scarf - private/wrong side
"wrong" side

public/right side of interlocking balloons scarf
"right" side

I think it looks pretty good wrong side out. Which is good in a scarf because how many times do you see just the "right" side?

I am glad I went down a needle size too. Sportweight on US 6s would be much too loose. Perhaps the designer is a very tight knitter, or her yarn isn’t a true sportweight.

I like to use charts, and that is a good thing because there are no written directions on this one. Probably not for the whole book, but I can’t say for sure because I don’t have it sitting here with me. Anyway, I decided to make a large scan so I could see it. Then I realized that the lines were pretty long, so I needed a way to keep myself on the correct line. I can’t seem to find my magnetic board and I am too cheap to go out and buy another, especially when I can get one cheaper through KnitPicks. So I have been just putting the scan on the couch beside me and have it weighed down with a metal ruler. It is working just fine, and easier to change rows because I don’t have to drag a magnet up a row.

I realized that with all the k1, p1 etc. I was getting confused on the wrong sides, so I decided to mark up the pattern with big blue Ks for the knit stitches. I also find that marking the SSKs as "S" so they stand out from the K2tog helps too. Now I am flying along.

It is a fun knit so far. Challenging enough that I won’t go crazy making a loooooooong scarf, but not so much mental work that I won’t be able to knit in public with it.

Another Minnesota knitter, Tammie, is knitting one too. Check out her new blog, Knitammie (clever, huh?). I hope she posts in-process pics. We might be meeting up to see each other’s scarves soon (fingers crossed).

3 thoughts on “Interlocking Balloons Scarf

  1. That looks wonderful so far. I love the texture and the way both sides look like you “meant” to have that side up. Can’t wait to see more of it 🙂

    And hooray, Tammie, on your new blog!

  2. Yours is looking so good! I may have to change to that yarn, it looks drapier and more of what I was going for as a dress coat scarf. Thanks for mentioning mine. I can’t wait to meet 🙂
    Hey Kathy, thanks! I am loving the blog world.

  3. I made 10 blown up copies of the chart and I am highlighting blue for knit rows and orange for purl rows as I complete them, otherwise I would be hopelessly lost!

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