Happy Halloween

Here is a big halloween smile for you.

nice teeth huh?!
— my teeth are getting a bit dull – do you think I need to get some dental work done?

Seriously though, I was goofing around with this amber stretch bracelet that I have and decided it looked like rotten teeth, so I arranged it in my mouth and my friend Mary took a photo.

The photo she sent me was huge and very scary, and I am not talking so much about the "teeth". Looks like my decision to work on getting my skin in shape is a good thing. Lots of weird red moles and freckles and age spots. Not to mention the bumpy texture and such. – sigh-

I guess I should be greatfull that I have "inner beauty"


I hope you all get a lot of treats and no tricks today.

I have done almost 2 repeats of the 9 I need to do for WT’s scarf. It is fun, but takes some concentration. I did not get as much done yesterday as I wanted to. Maybe a bit more today, we shall see.


6 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. you had me there with that bracelet. i was trying to figure out how did you do it. uh uh – the spots and stuff ain’t that obvious in the pict at all…. πŸ™‚

  2. Love the teeth! What a hoot!

    Oh, skin, bleah, go with inner beauty, it’s more satisfying every time. At least that’s what I keep telling myself…

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