Weirdly Fun, Synchronicity, Message from the gods?

Life is just too strange for words sometimes. A few days ago I was reading the lastest post from Yarn Harlot. Telling all about how her friend’s visit and the Canadian things that were being taught. I read these words:

Today…nominations for the "yarn of our people"are being accepted and Rachel has procured "the donut of our people" (a Tim Horton’s Maple Glazed.) Suggestions for other educational activities are welcome.

Funny. I have always wondered about Canadian quisine. Anyway, I was looking that the e-cards on the Hoops and Yoyo website (cute characters that sing and dance) and noticed some new interactive wallpapers for computers. Checked them out, loaded a few and found the connection that tells me something.

Okay, so message received…. but what is the message mean? Could it be:

  • Move to Canada
  • Eat something maple
  • eat more donuts?
  • ???

– sigh-

Life is just so confusing sometimes.

Anyway, back to knitting. Finished another Bella Scarf and am patiently waiting for the rest of that back ordered yarn. Dug some yarns out of my stash and am going to try making a curly scarf, either the Corkscrew from Loop-d-Loop, or one of the faster variations from the CurlyWhirlies knit-along blog.


2 thoughts on “Weirdly Fun, Synchronicity, Message from the gods?

  1. Hey, that character looks familiar somehow 😉 The boys kept asking me to play the e-card over and over and over again, watching for the two bouncing “rabbit and cat, mommy!”

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