2005 Knitting Review

I read on someone’s blog their list of 2005 knitting. I thought it sounded like a good idea, so I started up a list then realized that I could just go back through this blog to see it all. I had forgotten a lot of items. The year seemed to go fast, but when I look back – January 2005 seems like ages ago.

So, to impress myself, and keep a record somewhare I have a list of what I accomplished in knitting time in 2005.

Highland Triangle (clown shawl)
Wool Peddlers (yummy, and makes up for the clown shawl)
Shadow Shawl
2 Clapotis (pink with specks and a varigated green/purple)
Flower Basket (donation)

Bellas in Apricot, Woodlands, Blueberry, Strawberry, Lilac (Crystal, Andrea, Ashley, Sold, Mikaela)
Lettuce for Fannella
Steam for Dad
African Grey
WT’s Interlocking Balloons
Jody’s drop stitch
Marley for Abby
My diagonal squares that I am planning on ripping out and knitting another
Chaachi’s pink and black scarf
Blue scarf for me
Green scarf for me

Pumpkin=6 approx, I lost count
Others=a bunch for Kerry’s project and a few this year all for donations to charity projects
Zoe’s green
Chicken butt
Hallowig wig

Mitts for Jim
Mittens for me (unused, I might add)

WT’s socks
Linda’s socks
My socks
Clogs for me

Chaachi’s necklace/scarf
Baby surprise
Cat bed for Guinevere

I am knitting on my mom’s vest and my sister’s midwest moonlight from scarf style (love this book, love it!). I don’t have anything else that I am just itching to do, but that might change in a moment or two.

WT, Spencer and I will be doing New Year’s eve day, evening and part of New Year’s day (sleep over!) at my twin’s home. She lives out a bit, and we just don’t want to be driving home in the snow and the inebriated, so we will haul a bunch of stuff over to her home and have a grand time. I want us to do a little ritual where we listen to each other’s list/goals, whatever you want to call them. Maybe some games, for sure good food and excellent conversation. It is wonderful to have good friends that just like to be together. I am very blessed.

I hope you all have a great start to the new year. I will see you here again soon!


A Sense of Accomplishment

I have quite a few gifts done for Christmas/Yule/Troll’s Night ready for this year’s festivities. Still one more important one to go. More on that later.

So, do you want to see what I have been working on?

Many, many Bella Scarves done up in KnitPicks Suri Dream. Lilac for Ashley, Blueberry Mikaela (or is that lilac for Mikaela and….) – anyway, those are done). The reddish brown Bella scarf is for my friend Andrea. She was kind enough to allow me to have her choose her color. I know surprises can be fun, but getting something you truly like is cool too.

The thin scarf is the knitted lariat that was in the Winter issue of Knitters. It is kind of weird, but I like it. I hope my giftie likes it too. I will know soon because we BeadLadies do a gift swap. We put in a wrapped gift, draw numbers and choose. We are allowed to trade, so if you get something that doesn’t suit, you can perhaps find someone who likes the object. Hard to beat that. But just in case, I am giving my giftie the option of a Bella scarf in their choice of color. I am going to purchase more of that Suri Dream anyway. Love it! and I love this scarf pattern too.

Onward to the rest of the items. A hat and it’s matching scarf ala Crazy Aunt Purl. The hat is for Zoe, the scarf for her mom, Jody. Now I need to make something for the dad/husband Jim. I am thinking some manly fingerless mitts with a bit of the same green so that they are a trio. I know they all like that green color.
bracelet for Mary/Twin
The bracelet is a magnetic lariat that I made for my "twin" Mary. She and the girls (Mikaela, Ashley, Abby) also get a big tin of my cinnamon sugar walnuts and peanut brittle.

I am still working on my gift to my sister Chaachi. A scarf from the Scarf Style book – Midwest Moonlight in fingering weight vs. the sportweight in the pattern. I will be working on that today and throughout the next few days to see if I can get it finished by Christmas.

But I still haven’t started the vest that I promised my mom. There is still a big bit of procrastination running through these veins. For some reason it mostly affects the items that I feel iffy about. The thought that it may not turn out as planned keeps me from starting it at all. But I will start it tonight and I know I can finish it before Christmas eve because it is a big knit and an easy pattern.

So, probably not any more blogging (posting at least) until I finish.

I hope you and yours have great fun with family and friends. If you can’t have fun, at least have some peace within and try out your "love one another" skills as best you can. Don’t eat too much from the goodies heap and I will see you here again soon!


Some Items Finished, more to come

I finished a few things this weekend.

I finally felted the clogs I finished some time ago. I don’t know why I put off felting them, but then when I finished the Marley’s Ghost scarf, it seemed like a good thing because then I could felt them all together!

The clogs turned out more clog-like than my previous pairs, even with the extra rows to have them come up at the back of the heel. That’s okay. I think it might be because of the fur type yarn (Jo-Ann’s Cello), but one can never tell with felting. Here they are:

new felted clogs

They are also quite a bit more firm and I felted them smaller too, because my other pair stretched – I figure these will too. I am going to hold off wearing them until I can figure out how to get a nice looking slipper bottom attached. Note that I said nice looking. The leather bottoms that are being sold are just ugly. Kerry thought about taking hers to a shoe shop and having a sole put on. I think I might look into that after the holidays.

Onward! I never posted pics of the Bella Scarf I knit up using the recommended Suri Dream yarn. Here it is, badly flashed but this is the best I can get:
bella scarves

And here is the previously mentioned Marley’s Ghost
marley's ghost scarf

Which will be for Abby, the daughter of my best friend and "twin", Mary Scullen. Her two other daughers will be getting Bella’s in purple and blue. Abby is in the more goth/dark phase and a floofy feminine scarf just wouldn’t do. If you look close, I have 3 different sizes of chain links in the scarf. The small ones were knit to the pattern, then I threw in a few medium and a lot of larger links to give it some interest. It looks nice on too, and I think it will still work as a warmth scarf because having wool, however compressed and holey, will still do something in the way of warmth, right?

I also did up a curly-whirly type scarf using some very inexpensive/clearance yarn. It looks like a bunch of lettuce, is super warm and soft.

lettuce scarf

I made it super long so that one could put it on around the neck and down by doing the tails through the loop way. That way it looks like a fancy ruff around the neck.

Last but not least, a photo of the completed steam scarf for my dad:
dad's steam scarf

Now it is back downstairs for more knitting.


Holiday Sale

TheBeadLadies (not just ladies, not just beads) is having a Holiday Sale on
Sunday, December 4
10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
at The Coffee Grounds
1579 Hamline Avenue
Falcon Heights, MN 55108

(on Hamline just off Larpenteur Ave.)

There will be Beaded Jewelry (earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pins), beaded knitted amulet bags like this and this. Knitted items (my sweetie snowkid hats – cute!), scarves both knitted and woven. I am also selling my beaded knitting stitch markers: Goddesses and Angels as well.

Come buy some nice handmade items, or just hang out and have some coffee and knit a while.

Hope to see you there.