Some Items Finished, more to come

I finished a few things this weekend.

I finally felted the clogs I finished some time ago. I don’t know why I put off felting them, but then when I finished the Marley’s Ghost scarf, it seemed like a good thing because then I could felt them all together!

The clogs turned out more clog-like than my previous pairs, even with the extra rows to have them come up at the back of the heel. That’s okay. I think it might be because of the fur type yarn (Jo-Ann’s Cello), but one can never tell with felting. Here they are:

new felted clogs

They are also quite a bit more firm and I felted them smaller too, because my other pair stretched – I figure these will too. I am going to hold off wearing them until I can figure out how to get a nice looking slipper bottom attached. Note that I said nice looking. The leather bottoms that are being sold are just ugly. Kerry thought about taking hers to a shoe shop and having a sole put on. I think I might look into that after the holidays.

Onward! I never posted pics of the Bella Scarf I knit up using the recommended Suri Dream yarn. Here it is, badly flashed but this is the best I can get:
bella scarves

And here is the previously mentioned Marley’s Ghost
marley's ghost scarf

Which will be for Abby, the daughter of my best friend and "twin", Mary Scullen. Her two other daughers will be getting Bella’s in purple and blue. Abby is in the more goth/dark phase and a floofy feminine scarf just wouldn’t do. If you look close, I have 3 different sizes of chain links in the scarf. The small ones were knit to the pattern, then I threw in a few medium and a lot of larger links to give it some interest. It looks nice on too, and I think it will still work as a warmth scarf because having wool, however compressed and holey, will still do something in the way of warmth, right?

I also did up a curly-whirly type scarf using some very inexpensive/clearance yarn. It looks like a bunch of lettuce, is super warm and soft.

lettuce scarf

I made it super long so that one could put it on around the neck and down by doing the tails through the loop way. That way it looks like a fancy ruff around the neck.

Last but not least, a photo of the completed steam scarf for my dad:
dad's steam scarf

Now it is back downstairs for more knitting.


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