A Sense of Accomplishment

I have quite a few gifts done for Christmas/Yule/Troll’s Night ready for this year’s festivities. Still one more important one to go. More on that later.

So, do you want to see what I have been working on?

Many, many Bella Scarves done up in KnitPicks Suri Dream. Lilac for Ashley, Blueberry Mikaela (or is that lilac for Mikaela and….) – anyway, those are done). The reddish brown Bella scarf is for my friend Andrea. She was kind enough to allow me to have her choose her color. I know surprises can be fun, but getting something you truly like is cool too.

The thin scarf is the knitted lariat that was in the Winter issue of Knitters. It is kind of weird, but I like it. I hope my giftie likes it too. I will know soon because we BeadLadies do a gift swap. We put in a wrapped gift, draw numbers and choose. We are allowed to trade, so if you get something that doesn’t suit, you can perhaps find someone who likes the object. Hard to beat that. But just in case, I am giving my giftie the option of a Bella scarf in their choice of color. I am going to purchase more of that Suri Dream anyway. Love it! and I love this scarf pattern too.

Onward to the rest of the items. A hat and it’s matching scarf ala Crazy Aunt Purl. The hat is for Zoe, the scarf for her mom, Jody. Now I need to make something for the dad/husband Jim. I am thinking some manly fingerless mitts with a bit of the same green so that they are a trio. I know they all like that green color.
bracelet for Mary/Twin
The bracelet is a magnetic lariat that I made for my "twin" Mary. She and the girls (Mikaela, Ashley, Abby) also get a big tin of my cinnamon sugar walnuts and peanut brittle.

I am still working on my gift to my sister Chaachi. A scarf from the Scarf Style book – Midwest Moonlight in fingering weight vs. the sportweight in the pattern. I will be working on that today and throughout the next few days to see if I can get it finished by Christmas.

But I still haven’t started the vest that I promised my mom. There is still a big bit of procrastination running through these veins. For some reason it mostly affects the items that I feel iffy about. The thought that it may not turn out as planned keeps me from starting it at all. But I will start it tonight and I know I can finish it before Christmas eve because it is a big knit and an easy pattern.

So, probably not any more blogging (posting at least) until I finish.

I hope you and yours have great fun with family and friends. If you can’t have fun, at least have some peace within and try out your "love one another" skills as best you can. Don’t eat too much from the goodies heap and I will see you here again soon!


3 thoughts on “A Sense of Accomplishment

  1. Please send me a copy of your pattern for “Mitts to keep your hands warm,” fingerless mitts. I’ve made many pairs and love them. Recently my pattern got wet and is illegible. Thanks.

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