2005 Knitting Review

I read on someone’s blog their list of 2005 knitting. I thought it sounded like a good idea, so I started up a list then realized that I could just go back through this blog to see it all. I had forgotten a lot of items. The year seemed to go fast, but when I look back – January 2005 seems like ages ago.

So, to impress myself, and keep a record somewhare I have a list of what I accomplished in knitting time in 2005.

Highland Triangle (clown shawl)
Wool Peddlers (yummy, and makes up for the clown shawl)
Shadow Shawl
2 Clapotis (pink with specks and a varigated green/purple)
Flower Basket (donation)

Bellas in Apricot, Woodlands, Blueberry, Strawberry, Lilac (Crystal, Andrea, Ashley, Sold, Mikaela)
Lettuce for Fannella
Steam for Dad
African Grey
WT’s Interlocking Balloons
Jody’s drop stitch
Marley for Abby
My diagonal squares that I am planning on ripping out and knitting another
Chaachi’s pink and black scarf
Blue scarf for me
Green scarf for me

Pumpkin=6 approx, I lost count
Others=a bunch for Kerry’s project and a few this year all for donations to charity projects
Zoe’s green
Chicken butt
Hallowig wig

Mitts for Jim
Mittens for me (unused, I might add)

WT’s socks
Linda’s socks
My socks
Clogs for me

Chaachi’s necklace/scarf
Baby surprise
Cat bed for Guinevere

I am knitting on my mom’s vest and my sister’s midwest moonlight from scarf style (love this book, love it!). I don’t have anything else that I am just itching to do, but that might change in a moment or two.

WT, Spencer and I will be doing New Year’s eve day, evening and part of New Year’s day (sleep over!) at my twin’s home. She lives out a bit, and we just don’t want to be driving home in the snow and the inebriated, so we will haul a bunch of stuff over to her home and have a grand time. I want us to do a little ritual where we listen to each other’s list/goals, whatever you want to call them. Maybe some games, for sure good food and excellent conversation. It is wonderful to have good friends that just like to be together. I am very blessed.

I hope you all have a great start to the new year. I will see you here again soon!


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